Stacking Blue Porcelain Travel Tea Set

200 mL / 120 mL / 80 mL / 50 mL

A blooming lotus patterned stacking blue porcelain travel tea set including two cups, a pitcher, and a brewing vessel that nest inside each other for compact storage. Includes carrying bag and insulating cloth.


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This compact stacking blue porcelain travel tea set includes a small cup, a larger cup, a small pitcher, and a brewing vessel with a lid. Each piece progressively increases in size so that they can be stacked to nest inside each other. The gaiwan-like brewing vessel has an inset strainer that holds tea leaves inside while pouring. This set is wonderful for enjoying controlled, separate infusions of your tea.

The outside of this tea set is a cheerful bright blue. The simple white of the insides contrasts with the blue and highlights the natural color of any tea. To keep the fingers away from the heat of the brewing vessel, its textured white lip is slightly fluted and can be held like a gaiwan. The blue glaze is textured but pleasantly smooth, and the rounded, egg-like curves of the set make it comfortable to hold. A series of single lotus blossoms in gold lines adorns the sides of the set. Beginning as a bud on the smallest cup, the flower opens slightly wider on each subsequent larger piece. The series ends with a fully opened bloom on the brewing vessel, floating above the line of its blue glaze like a lotus on the surface of the water.

The set comes with a padded drawstring bag and includes a long piece of packing cloth that folds between each piece of the set to cushion them when stacked. Take your ritual of carefully brewing your tea anywhere you wander with this beautiful, simple, and convenient tea set.