Tai Ji Yixing Pot

500 ml

A large example of a pearl shaped yixing pot constructed with two clays (Hong Ni and Zi Ni).


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This is one of our large sized yixing clay pots. You can brew any type of tea in this pot, especially large leaf tea. You can see from the surface of this Tai Ji yixing clay pot is very smooth and is high quality. Fabric cloth is used to filter the clay to make it finer. This uses very fine clay, but not as fine as our Fei Gui Ni pot. The master chose yixing clay colors, purple and red, to craft the yin yang symbol to surround the pot. From any side you look at the pot, you will be amazed at how balanced and smooth the shape is. The master used wooden utensils to make the outside completely smooth, taking a very long time to craft. When you hold the lid on the top, there are two small holes on both sides of the handle of the lid. If you hold the two holds, you will not be able to pour any water out from the pot. This is a way that you can test out the quality and skill of the master. If the body and lid are shaped perfectly, you will be able to control the water flow by plugging the holes with your fingers. According to Chinese medicine, a healthy body requires good balance, and tea is the only drink that herbalists and nutritionists promote to everyone in China to drink daily.

You can use yixing pots to make any of your favorite teas. Just follow the description for each type of tea so you are using the right temperature water. You can choose a specific pot for making a certain type of tea based on the size, shape, quality and thickness of the walls. Never wash your yixing pot with soap, since it will easily absorb a soapy flavor. Instead, just rinse your pot with warm water after use. Though you cannot tell by looking at it, yixing clay is made up of tiny, individual sand combined together which creates a lot of pores. Yixing pots will absorb your tea’s flavor and begin to smell like your tea. If you use the pot very often over a long period of time, you will be able to pour boiling water in and get some of your tea’s character out. We suggest you use 1 pot to make 1 category of tea (puer, black, wulong, white, scented, yellow, green) so you don’t let the heavy quality of one type of tea affect the light and smooth flavor of another.

Tai Ji Yixing Pot brewing guidelines

Learn how to brew tea in a yixing clay pot.