Tall Glass Teapot With Brown Polypropylene Filter Lid

1000 ml


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Traditional glass teapots are typically short and round, but this one is tall and slender. You can see whole, hand picked tea leaves floating inside the pot, allowing you to tell the grade and leaf configuration of your tea. By checking the tea’s color, you can easily tell how tender your leaves are. It is also very easy to control when it is time to add more water for the next infusion. This fine made tall glass teapot is not heavy, but can still withstand boiling water. The brown lid is made from polypropylene which is a very safe plastic that will not melt from boiling water. The lid has many little holes, so when you pour out your tea no leaves will come out. We suggest buying two brown cups with holders to make a set.

Humans having been using glass for centuries for various purposes, including China. Glass art have been found in tombs dating back to the Zhou Dynasty. The old pronunciation for glass was “Liu Li,” but after the Song Dynasty it was renamed to “Bo Li”. Liu Li was not clear, just very shiny since the temperature was not hot enough to make it transparent. It was mostly used to make tiles for roofs, especially in palaces. If you visit Peking Palace, the ceiling is unclear, colorful glass tiles called “Liu Li Wa”. Glass that is used now is generally clear, used for making teapots. This is recent practice that has only been being used inside of China for a few decades. Glass will always look similar but is separated by the quality, clearness, thickness, heaviness, and what temperature it can withstand without cracking. At Seven Cups, we only collect good quality glass that can withstand boiling water so you can brew your tea.

Glassware cools down boiling water more quickly than porcelain and yixing, making it a great choice for beautiful high end green, yellow, white and scented tea. We suggest you reuse your leaves multiple times, just leave enough tea in your pot to cover your leaves before making your next infusion.