Tea Sampler No. 2

An Introduction to Chinese Tea

Our tea samplers are an excellent first step into Chinese tea or a perfect gift for those seasoned tea drinkers who just like a little variety. Each tea sampler includes six of our favorite loose-leaf teas hand-packaged into 10-gram portions. That’s enough tea for at least twenty two brewing sessions.

Please note that packaging materials and tea may change from that pictured according to available stock.

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Every season, we update the selection of tea included in each tea sampler. While the teas may change, you can always expect choices to be from the best of our catalog and representative of the broad variety of styles found in Chinese tea.

The selections included in each tea sampler are listed below. Click on the names of each tea to learn more about their origin and processing style.

Tea Sampler no. 2

Da Fo Long Jing (Big Buddha Dragon Well) — Green Tea

Qimen Caixia (Sunrise Qimen) — Black Tea

Purple Leaf Shu — Puer Tea

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) — White Tea

Xiao Hong Pao (Little Red Robe) — Wulong Tea

Bi Tan Piao Xue (Snow Drop Jasmine) — Scented Tea