Two Colored Bagua Yixing Pot

300 ml

Lucky clouds circle its base and lid opening, framing the Yin Yang symbol of a changing and balance-seeking universe.


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Hong Ni (red yixing)  and Zi Ni (purple yixing) clay are used together in this detailed yixing clay pot. This pot is good for any type of tea, especially black and puer tea. This pot holds 300 ml of liquid and is one of our medium size, thicker walled pots, made by pottery master “Zhu Ming Jun.

According to Chinese medicine, tea is a type of herbal that is safe to consume daily to give you good balance and health for your body. The yin and yang symbols are carved on the top and port of the body. It is easy to see how skilled the master is, taking time to carve Chinese lucky clouds on the base and lid opening, framing the Yin Yang symbol of a changing and balance seeking universe, drawing from the traditional Daoist motifs in its design. The design of this pot is a classical round shape, giving your tea room to move and open inside. The main color of the pot is red with the handle, spout, and decorations are purple clay. The master took time to design the lid to seal the pot very tightly. Yang is the red color on the lid, you will notice there is a hole on the lid, this allows you to lift the lid once there is tea inside. This pot can be enjoyed as a piece of art as you brew your tea, giving you a peaceful and balanced feeling.

You can use yixing pots to make any of your favorite teas. Just follow the description for each type of tea so you are using the right temperature water. You can choose a specific pot for making a certain type of tea based on the size, shape, quality and thickness of the walls. Never wash your yixing pot with soap, since it will easily absorb a soapy flavor. Instead, just rinse your pot with warm water after use. Though you cannot tell by looking at it, yixing clay is made up of tiny, individual sand combined together which creates a lot of pores. Yixing pots will absorb your tea’s flavor and begin to smell like your tea. If you use the pot very often over a long period of time, you will be able to pour boiling water in and get some of your tea’s character out. We suggest you use 1 pot to make 1 category of tea (puer, black, wulong, white, scented, yellow, green) so you don’t let the heavy quality of one type of tea affect the light and smooth flavor of another.

We wish you can enjoy and infuse wonderful flavor from good quality tea in the pot, along with the accompaniment of good wishes.

Two Colored Bagua Yixing Pot brewing guidelines

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