Yao Yun Yellow Yixing Teapot

200 ml


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Yao Yun, literally “elegant waist”, describes the simple yet beautiful curves in the pot’s design.

The material used for this pot is Zi Ma Duan Ni, a sub-type of Lu Ni (green clay) clay. This clay is originally a pale green-grey color when found in the ground. After firing, this clay becomes different shades of yellow, depending on its specific composition. Lu Ni is a relatively rare type of clay and is most often used for adornment or blending, rather than making pure pots. This specific type of lu ni comes from a strata close to zi ni (purple clay) and shares some of its darker elements. This accounts for the distinctive black-sesame (called “zi ma”) colored inclusions visible in the clay.

Duan Ni has a lower iron content than other clay types. It is fired at  1080 degrees celsius and shrinks only about 12% in the kiln.

This is a medium-size pot with a large opening, so large-leaf teas can be easily brewed in it. This pot is suitable for all tea types.


Yixing pots are traditionally unglazed, allowing them to both mineralize tea brewed in them and allow the tea to “breathe” through its permeable surface. This qualities enhance the flavor of the tea brewed in the pot. Over centuries of Chinese tea culture and tradition, Yixing pots have endured in popularity for this very reason.

An unglazed pot will easily absorb the flavors of tea brewed in it. We suggest devoting a pot a single category of tea for the most pure flavor. Additionally, never use soap to wash your Yixing pot, as it will absorb this flavor too.