Yellow Dragon Porcelain Tea Set

Pot: 400 ml , Cups: 100 ml


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This tea set is made from De Hua porcelain in Fujian Province. De Hua porcelain is famous for very fine white colored porcelain. The outside is blue-green, but the inside of the cups have De Hua’s white porcelain character. The teapot comes with a fine, mesh stainless steel filter that can filter out even small leaves. The spout is very short, which makes it easy to control your infusions by quickly pouring out your tea. You can also remove the filter when your tea is strong enough for you. The 6 cups are double walled to keep them cool so you won’t burn your hands. A small hole is on the bottom of each cup to show the two layered technique used to make double walled cups. According to Chinese legends, many people pray to the dragon king. The dragon king is legendary for controlling the weather. He throws the sun into the sky for a sunny day, or hides the pearl in the water for cloudy days. For rain, he fills his belly with water and sprays it across the sky. The dragon is a very powerful symbol in Chinese culture. To be able to make this picture, the clay is fired for three days. The basic shape is made first, then the base color is fired on. The last step requires firing a picture on to the porcelain.