Yellow Hexagonal Well Fence Yixing Teapot

150 mL

This hexagonal Yixing teapot was made using yellow Huang Jin Duan Ni clay. It has a small black engraving of a landscape scene on one side, and its simplicity balances nicely with the more complex shape of the teapot. The color of the teapot has a rich yellow hue with fine specks of lighter yellow clay.

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The shape of this teapot is difficult to make given the accuracy and precision needed to form the six sides. It has a short, angled spout and a tightly fitting lid, which makes it very easy to control as you pour. There is a built-in strainer behind the spout.

This teapot is lightweight and unglazed with thinner walls, which makes it perfect for preparing lightly oxidized Anxi wulongs like Jin Guanyin (Golden Tieguanyin) and Ma Liu Mi (Monkey Picked), as well as white, green, and yellow teas.

Origin: Yixing County, Jiangsu Province, China
Artisan/Maker: 楊金娥
Clay: Huang Jin Duan Ni (黄金段泥)
Capacity: 150 mL
Dimensions: 12.5 x 9.9 x 6 cm
Weight: 188g

*This is a handmade product. There may be minor variations between the product images and the product you receive.

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