Yixing Clay Travel Tea Set

80 mL / 30 mL

A yixing clay travel tea set with a small yixing clay pot, three cups, and a clay draining tray. Great for gong fu style brewing. Includes carrying case.


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This yixing clay travel tea set is great for the traveler who wants to take their tea brewing routine with them anywhere. It comes equipped with a small yixing clay tea pot, three small cups, and a clay draining tray. This traditional red yixing travel set has everything you need for gong fu style brewing on the go. The cups are lined with white glaze on the inside, highlighting the color of the brewed tea when filled. The tiny teapot holds just enough water to fill each of the three cups to the brim. Every piece packs conveniently into a small round zippered carrying case with a handle.

This tea set is great for brewing tea for yourself as well as sharing with friends. Any kind of tea can be brewed with this set, but we recommend dedicating any one yixing pot to one type of tea, since the clay will absorb the flavor and become seasoned with it over time. Brew tea gong fu style anywhere with this tiny traveling yixing tea set.

The gong fu tea ceremony

The gong fu tea ceremony originated in Chaozhou City in Guangdong Province, the home of Dan Cong Wulong teas like our Yellow Sprig. This style of brewing uses a large quantity of tea leaves brewed in a small teapot for many very short infusions. This allows the drinker to fully experience the nuanced shifts in flavor and aroma as the tea leaves slowly open up. Since the Dan Cong wulongs traditionally brewed in the Chaozhou gong fu ceremony are made with boiling hot water and only brewed for a few seconds, the very small cups help to cool the tea off so it can be drunk sooner.

Like all of our yixing clay products, this tea set is unglazed. The natural clay remains its original color. Yixing clay absorbs aromas easily, so just rinse it off with boiling water instead of washing with soap.