Zi Ni Purple Yixing Clay Cup

100 mL

A simple Zi Ni purple yixing clay cup made from purple-tinted Zi Ni clay. The thick clay has a pleasant, slightly irregular yet smooth texture.


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This Zi Ni purple yixing clay cup is made from a variety of yixing clay known as Zi Ni purple clay. Most yixing tea ware is made from the more common warm red Hong Ni clay. However, Zi Ni clay has a cool cast to the dark color and a faint purple tint. The thick clay’s slightly irregular yet smooth texture is pleasant to the touch. These cups are a good size for a single person drinking tea, or for two people sharing tea from one pot.

Like all of our yixing clay products, this cup is unglazed. The natural clay remains its original color. Yixing clay absorbs aromas easily, so just rinse it off with boiling water instead of washing with soap.