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Tea Tour – Dejing (Mo Gan Huang Ya) Yellow Tea

Waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the beautiful countryside past bamboo groves, we drove up Mo Gan mountain to visit with Mrs Wang Qiang Zhen and watch the Mo Gan Huang Ya (a rare yellow tea) process. The local TV station had arrived before us and was eager to film our reaction to the special tea process. One… // MORE

Celebrate Hump Day with us by peeking Over the Hill!

To our favorite pet MBA- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Our very own Mikel Chertudi turns a graceful 30 years old today.  As I watch him cringe at the attention, he’s sporting his very first beard, in an attempt to look older.  Maybe by tomorrow it will turn into a goatee in an attempt to look younger. Here’s… // MORE

News From China

I’m writing from our recently opened office in Changxing, in Zhejiang. Changxing just a short drive away from Guzhu Mountain where Luyu supervised tea production for the Tang emperor, while he composed the first book about tea, while he lived and died in nearby Huzhou. This area is very old in relationship to the growth… // MORE