Survey Winners

We are happy to announce the winners for our survey participation gift certificates. The winners were Eric Banister and Gerry Seifert. (They gave us permission to use their names.) We received such a good response, that we decided to award two $50 gift certificates. The winners were randomly pick. There were a lot of people… // MORE

Don’t be fooled by ‘fake’ Longjing

Yes, don’t be fooled. (Click on the article below) Perhaps you should know a little bit more to prevent that from happening, and just what fake means, because this is a very complicated issue. So what makes Longjing real Longjing? There is a broader definition generally accepted than the article implies, as it is defined… // MORE

Tea Weather Update…

I’m writing from Huangshan in Anhui province and the weather here for the last two days has been great, and tea is being harvested now that the weather has warmed again and the sun has broken through. The high-end tea crop was damaged a little bit by the unseasonably warm weather in February followed by… // MORE

Spring 2006 in Northern Zhejiang

I just want to throw a little blurp in here about the early green tea harvest. It is shaping up to be a great year this year. Despite early warming followed by a dramatic cold snap, this year will have a robust harvest of early spring tea. Last year and the year before were just… // MORE

Website Survey (win $50 gift certificate!)

We’ve created this survey to help improve An entry will be randomly chosen on April 11th, 2007 to receive a $50 gift certificate to Update: We have completed this survey and will be chosing a winner soon. We will notify them by email. We want to thank the people that participated. We were… // MORE

Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West

Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West Beatrice Hohenegger has written history of the tea trade between Asia and the West that is well researched and scholarly, but reads, at times, like an adventure novel complete with a Scottish spy. She goes to the roots of what we now call globalization, and… // MORE

Global Warming Buzz and New Tea

SPRING TEA ARRIVES EARLY! Zhuping has been in China since a couple of days before Chinese New Year and I will be going next week. There has been a very warm winter this year and an early spring. In Sichuan where the first tea of the year is harvested the news is not good for… // MORE

The Hot Puer Market

As I browse the talk these days on the internet, the tea that I see discussed more than any other is puer. For a tea that was virtually unknown outside of China five years ago, I think that is pretty remarkable. Actually, prior to 2002, puer was not very well known inside of China either.… // MORE

Seven Cups 2.0 is online

After a year’s worth of work, our newly designed web-site is on-line! Please come and take a look. To celebrate the site being up and Chinese New Year, we have put our whole catalog on sale. We are a long way from being finished with our site. We are still rewriting most of it. We… // MORE

BBC NEWS | Health | Cup of tea may help boost memory

Every Chinese student tasked at memorization as the key component to education knows how helpful tea is to memory, but this is really important for all of the families struggling to take care of a family member with dementia. This is great news to me personally because I take care of my dad and he… // MORE

LIFE: Your health. Your body. You’re Kidding!

Oh really??? Sorry I have been away for a while, from the blog anyway. This was one that I had to squeeze in a little time to write about about. It had to happen sooner or later. I saw on TV a commercial a short time ago about a bottled ice tea drink containing ECGC,… // MORE

Hangzhou, Tombstone, and the Pao Gao

Here is a video piece from a NY Times photographer in China. You might think, “Cool, this is what tea culture was like in old Hangzhou!” Well, almost. It is true that it is in Hangzhou, in the ‘old area’. And it is a tea house. The guys with the hats and long braided fake… // MORE

Super typhoon slams into China

This has been a terrible typhoon season in China, and the worst storm in 50 years is hitting there now. In Fuding, where white tea is produced and we have many close friends, two people have been killed and many are missing. Storms have been almost continuous this year hitting the tea producing regions in… // MORE

Tea Contaminates

I promised to answer a question I received through an email (Sorry it has taken so long) on the blog, because it is an issue of concern to all of us. The person that wrote me had heard a lot about Chinese tea being contaminated with pesticides, lead, and other contaminates, and he wanted my… // MORE

Green Tea and the Asian Paradox

Yes, it has been a slow month for news related to tea. I get a little bit bored after reading thousands of news reports about green tea being good for your health. How long will it be news? This is one article that I just had to mention. It is a press release from the… // MORE

Tea Mail – June 2006

Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members, I hope you all have had a good month. I’m back from China and things have been crazy busy since I got back, except the nine hours I spent in the San Francisco airport. We have more 2006 teas available, and they are arriving here almost weekly, so check… // MORE

The Tea Industry Trys to Define White Tea

Can we take the American ‘Tea Industry” Seriously? I’m back from a great trip to China. As usual it is a very inspiring experience for me. China is what tea is all about, and nowhere outside of China is tea being produced that is even in the same league as Chinese tea. Sitting on my… // MORE

Tea Mail – May 2006

Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members, I am writing from Kunming in Yunnan. I am just finishing up my trip which has been pretty spectacular in regards to tea, people, scenery, and culture. As always, I learn a tremendous amount, and am always humbled and thrilled by the experience. The harvest has been very good… // MORE

A Short Report from China

By Any Means Possible When I say that, I am referring to transportation. I have, in the last couple of weeks, made it from here to there, by a number of means including, plane, train, local bus, sleeper bus, coach, taxi, car, limo, bicycle taxi, three wheeled motorcycle taxi, bicycle, cable car, river boat, bamboo… // MORE

Off to China

I’m leaving for China on a pre-dawn flight tomorrow and won’t return until May. I’ll try to blog a little bit if I can when I am in a city! I can’t wait to be up in the mountains of China. AH

Tea Mail – April 2006

THE FIRST TEA OF THE SEASON IS HERE! I am just a few days from leaving for China. It looks like it is going to be a very good harvest this year. The MengDingShan teas are great this year from Sichuan. They are the first in the country to be harvested. On my trip I… // MORE

Fair Trade?

Fair Prices for Farmers: Simple Idea, Complex Reality (from the New York Times Business Section) For those of us that spend our time with producers and farmers, this is not news. It certainly has an important meaning for the consumers that deeply care for the well being of the third world laborers providing us with… // MORE

Tata Coffee plans `Plantation Trails`

Sometimes you just have to stop in amazement and laugh. For those of you that have been following the continuing saga of the world’s largest tea company, Tata Tea, this little peace of news is going to crack you up, that is of course is you can find humor in misery of plantation workers that… // MORE

Green Tea, Computers, Environmental Engineering

Yet Another Benefit of Green Tea Last Saturday an amazing man came into our tea house, Dr. John Lombardi of Ventana Research here in Tucson, Arizona. Having spent a lot of time being amazed by tea culture, Dr. Lombardi has added another AMAZING piece to that culture. He has developed a biodegradable machining that keeps… // MORE

Sad News From WuYiShan

I was deeply sadden to hear that Yao Yue Ming had made his way to Heaven and would no longer be seen in the tea gardens of WuYiShan. He was truly one of the great tea masters of the world. He was one of the first to put to work his love of science with… // MORE

Tea Mail – March 2006

Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members, Spring has arrived in Tucson and Southern China Here in Tucson the weather is stunning. We get asked a lot why we would choose Tucson as a place to have a tea business. Southern Arizona seems counter-intuitive as a choice. The community is so great here and we get… // MORE

Green tea polyphenols may cause liver damage in high doses

Research indicates consumption of compound in concentrated pill form can be unhealthy This story is from the University of Toronto. For me the health benefits of drinking tea has always been the icing on the cake. I’ve never considered taking a green tea pill, I love drinking it too much. Last year there was a… // MORE

Tea houses learn to infuse ancient with modern

Here is an article by a Chinese newspaper about teahouses in China that may have been partially plagiarized by the Indian paper. It talks directly about the teahouse business in Beijing. Beijing is a long way from the tea producing areas of China and the teahouse focus in the past has been performances of Beijing… // MORE