Tea Mail – February 2006

Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members, Wow, what happened to January? That was really a fast month! We hope you all enjoyed Chinese New Year, we certainly did. Zhuping’s mom and dad are here from Chongqing, so we had lots of spicy food. In China, new year is the biggest holiday of the year and… // MORE

Steep profits in tea collecting across China

“Affluent young professionals spur craze in which vintages are valued like fine wine BEIJING — It was a savvy investment for the young Chinese couple — an impressive 900 per cent return in just two years. But instead of cashing in, they plan to drink it.” As you might guess, this is a story about… // MORE

Tea Mail – January 2006

Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members, Happy New Year We hope that this year will be a great year for you and your families. This year we wanted to extend a tradition that we have at the tea house to our internet customers. During the month of January we have decided to put ALL of… // MORE

Year of the Dog

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a change to write anything here. The holiday season has been a busy one. The new year is coming and in a Chinese/American family like ours, the holiday season gets extended for another 6 weeks. This coming year is the Year of the Dog, and the… // MORE

The FDA, Green tea, Cancer

Waking through the information about tea and health is at best murky and confusing. What tea is good for your health and why? There is so much research out there that a full time researcher would be necessary to sort through it all. The FDA recently refused a request to issue a “Qualified health claim”… // MORE

Predicting 2006 at Tea Time

Here is an interesting article from Korea about reading tea leaves. I’ve never seen this done in China where there are a lot of fortune telling techniques. I like to go to Taoist temples and shake bamboo sticks. The sticks are in a cup and you shake them until one falls out. A monk will… // MORE

Tea Mail – December 2005

Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members, Hi Everyone, As we roll towards the end of the year, We want to thank you all for your business this year. It has been a good year for us, and we hope that it has been for you as well. We made three trips to China this year,… // MORE

Flu and cold season…

As I sit in my bed with a cold, I thought this might be intersting to you. FYI, I am drinking some puer with lots of Chinese herbs in my system, and chicken soup on the stove. I might add that I am not suffering too bad, but here I sit none the less. Green… // MORE

Puer Question and Answer

This was a question that was posted as a comment that I thought deserved to be elevated to a post. Puer is a hot topic and pretty controversial because of the wide variation in price and amounts of money some Chinese and Japanese collectors are willing to pay, mysterious even mystical qualities ascribed to puer… // MORE

Obscure beverage?

Ok, this is America, but where most of the people in the world live, green tea is not so obscure. The Chinese are a people that love to eat in a pretty big way, they say, ‘You can live a day without food, but not a day without tea’, green tea especially. Because of it’s… // MORE

LA Times has an interesting article…

What is interesting about this article to me is the FDA’s input. Research with tea and it’s findings can be slanted in so many ways. If you go to the FDA’s website there are many labeling claims that relate to green tea that the FDA doesn’t dispute. The research with green tea starting with the… // MORE

New Moderator….

Since August we have had no blogger here at Seven Cups, but I am starting to maintain the blog, and I hope that you will enjoy my input, forgive my spelling, and please be patient we me while I learn the software. I hope you will make comments and ask questions. We fixed some bugs… // MORE

Tea Mail – November 2005

Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members, It has been a long time since we have sent out a newsletter. I apologize! We have been so incredibly busy that we have let many things slip while we race to catch up and the newsletter has been on of those things. The blog has fallen into disuse… // MORE

Assam’s people suffering under the yoke of tea

In the long, drawn-out legal struggle that has become fused to tea production in India, many impoverished workers are perishing while estate owners and statesmen hash out how one of the world’s most popular commodities while benefit people growing and processing. The following story is a little window into the huge, tortorous saga that Indian… // MORE

Green Tea & Diabetes

Blood sugar ailments such as diabetes are a serious issue in the Gulf States and neighboring Middle Eastern nations. Tea can treat diabetes!

Response of the Week – August 5

Is it important to cover the brewing leaves with a lid while infusing? Covering non-herbal, true tea is a matter of choice. Keeping the tea covered maintains a higher brewing temperature. So, if you are using relatively cool water to brew green tea you may want to keep the vessel covered. I sometimes make the… // MORE

Green Tea: What It Is and Why It’s Studied

Possibly sparked by the FDA’s decision on labeling of green tea as an anti-carcinogenic agent, the American Institute for Cancer Research has been pumping out quite a bit of information for the general consumer as well as pointing out cases of solid research. Green Tea: What It Is and Why It’s Studied Green Tea Targets… // MORE

Tea Mail – August 2005

Things are busily whipping up into shape as new teas pour in from China and we scramble to get descriptions, images and knowledge transmitted to our customers. Right now we are working hard getting all of our new puer on line. Qizi (seven piece) bingcha, bamboo puer, Golden Melon Tribute puer, Seven Cups Special Order… // MORE

National museum collects pieces of Beijing “bowl tea” house

www.chinaview.cn 2005-07-29 18:53:18 BEIJING, July 29 (Xinhuanet) — Three hundred and eight items, including ceramic tea bowls, video and pictures entered the National Museum of China on Friday, representing China’s opening up to the outside in the past two decades. Yin Shengxi, a local official in a small street office in the downtown Beijing Dashila… // MORE

Controversy over green tea as anti-carcinogenic

. . . the continuing controversy that is. See earlier post – FDA Decision: Lots of anti-oxidants, but anti-carcinogenic? – to read new releases following the US Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision. Studies Show Green Tea May Prevent Cancer

Geek Eye for the Tea Guy

Here’s the straight story from the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): World tea production reaches new highs And the media’s recent coverage: Global tea exports increase Global tea output crosses 3.2m ton mark World tea production rises: Output grew by 2 percent to reach an estimated 3.2 million metric tons in… // MORE

Response of the Week – July 15th

As if Friday weren’t exciting enough for office-bound tea drinkers on the 9 to 5 worldwide! I will be posting an excerpt from one of our more informative email responses. This way our readers can get easy insight into the answers to questions that tea drinkers just like you have posed. So, please draw yourself… // MORE

Green Tea & Autoimmune Disorders

Stephen Hsu’s work continues to receive attention: Green tea could fight autoimmune disorders Dr. Hsu is a researcher at the Medical College of Georgia – School of Dentistry. His research inquires into whether green tea makes an impact on autoimmune disease as well as its well-known anti-carcinogenic effects. Green Tea May Protect Against Autoimmune Diseases… // MORE

FDA Decision: Lots of anti-oxidants, but anti-carcinogenic?

The FDA reviews the scientific literature and fails to find a good case for green tea being an anti-carcinogenic agent. Oh boy. Cancer Pathologist Ignites the First Green Tea Health Claim Discussion with FDA; Sin Hang Lee, M.D. Advocates Quality Green Tea Standard for Health Benefits Business Wire FDA Rejects Green Tea Cancer Claims WebMD… // MORE