Tea Mail – July 2005

Just as things begin to take shape here at Seven Cups – our weblog coming online , office reorganization, continuing improvement of our site content, great new teas arriving with even more exciting tea to come, etc. – I’m on my way back to China. I’d like to say a bit for the newsletter before… // MORE

Dark Chocolate & Green Tea

The incidence of cancer in today’s human population is on such an alarming increase that the word “exponential” barely does it justice. It’s no surprise then that medical researchers are continuously on the look-out for food which has the greatest potential for disarming the environmental, dietary and genetic dispositions that lead to cancer. Why are… // MORE

Acclaim for White Tea Compiled by Science Digest

Cancer-Preventive Potential Of White Tea Study Finds Rare Tea May Be Healthiest of All SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2000 New Study Shows Tea Extract Protects Skin; White Tea Extract Reveals Anti-cancer, Anti-aging Properties Cleveland (January 27, 2003) White Tea Beats Green Tea In Fighting Germs NEW ORLEANS – May 25, 2004 -jda

Western Medical Research – It Keeps Going and Going and Going…

This is a good thing. When it comes to true tea (Camellia sinensis), it demonstrates that thousands of years of recorded medical observation from the Orient has validity and application to present day peoples. When even expert translation from the ancient languages and archaic contexts of those earliest researchers is problematic, modern researchers will come… // MORE

Tea Mail – June 2005

Coming Home As spring increases into summer, the entire Seven Cups team comes home from its travels to share a few weeks of strategic planning and outstanding tea together. Our travels have taken us from the Gulf Coast States of Kuwait, Syria and the United Arab Emirates to China’s Yunnan Province with short visits to… // MORE

Seven Cups Tea News Blog

Welcome to the Seven Cups Tea News Blog! We are excited about having our blog online. What we primarily want to use this blog for is education about tea, and what’s currently happening in the world of tea. We’ll be inviting guest bloggers, both in the US and internationally. Even though we’re a commercial site,… // MORE

Tea Mail – May 2005

The 2005 Meng Ding Spring Harvest Has Arrived! Fresh, organic Meng Ding teas are now available for purchase at the Seven Cups Tea House and online from our updated, information-packed website. We have added several exciting rare teas to our line.These are the freshest of the fresh, harvested in March. These are the very first… // MORE

Tea Mail – April 2005

We sincerely apologize that you haven’t seen a newsletter from us for a while. It has not been for a lack of, but rather too much news. We moved to a new more robust shopping cart and are working the bugs out. A major benefit is providing more shipping options, especially important for our international… // MORE

Tea Mail – February 2005

Welcome to another bumper issue of Tea Mail. January brought us several well-written media reports that concisely explained aspects of tea health and culture that are not new, but very informative and well worth including here. After decades of stewing poor quality tea bags, the Western world, in particular North America, is finally waking up… // MORE

Tea Mail – January 2005

The Big Tea Health News in December In stark contrast to November, December was an exciting month packed with new stories about tea and health. The biggest news concerned a report offering further proof that tea (again, it was only green tea that was studied) helps to prevent prostate cancer. News of the results, published… // MORE

Tea Mail – December 2004

The Big Tea Health News in November November 2004 was the quietest month for tea news since we began this newsletter over a year ago. In fact, there really wasn’t anything new at all, just the overflow from last month’s exciting study of green and black tea’s benefits for boosting memory and warding off Alzheimer’s… // MORE

Tea Mail – November 2004

The Big Tea Health News in October There were yet more welcome studies on tea health in October. A team from Newcastle University, UK, found green and black tea inhibited the activity of key enzymes in the brain associated with memory [1], which may lead to the development of a new treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.… // MORE

Tea Mail – October 2004

This is yet another ‘mammoth’ edition…. but we make no apologies for bringing you more news than any other tea newsletter! The Big Tea Health News in September There was a lot to get excited about in the world of tea health this September. A report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by a… // MORE

Tea Mail – September 2004

The Big Tea Health News in August The only news item of major relevance this month was the results of a study in Japan [6], which has found that women who regularly drink green tea run a lower risk of developing stomach cancer. Around 73,000 people took part in the research and were tracked over… // MORE

Tea Mail – August 2004

The Big Health News in July The biggest health news in July (and to be honest, the only new health story this month) was the publication of a long-running blood pressure study in Taiwan [1]. Researchers followed around 1500 adults over eight years and the results show that people who drank 120-599 milliliters of green… // MORE

Tea Mail – July 2004

The Big Health News in June June was apparently a quite month in the ‘tea labs’, and the only news stories of interest were largely going over old ground. Last month’s favorable reports on white tea were still making the headlines [3], and included an interesting quote from Milton Schiffenbauer, professor of biology at Pace… // MORE

Tea Mail – June 2004

The Big Health News in May There was a rash of reports in May that all made good links between drinking tea and dramatically improving your health. Specifically, the antioxidant EGCG, which is the main flavonoid in green tea, has shown to keep arteries clear, helping prevent heart disease [1], as well as cutting ventricular… // MORE

Tea Mail – May 2004

The Big Health News in April We first reported on March 31st that the Mayo Clinic had discovered that a component in green tea helps kill leukemia cells, and this was still the most widely-reported news story of April. The research using laboratory cell cultures shows that a component of green tea known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate… // MORE

Tea Mail – April 2004

The Big Health News in March There were more media reports concerning tea’s benefits for promoting weight loss and aiding sleep, but the most important findings of the month related to green tea and cancer. A study by researchers at Kyushu University in Japan, published in the April issue of Nature Structural & Molecular Biology,… // MORE

Tea Mail – March 2004

The Big Health News in February An interesting study on the effects of green tea on prostate cancer undertaken in Australia showed remarkable results. Professor Colin Binns, of Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, studied long-time green tea drinkers in China. The study revealed that those who’d been imbibing for 20 years were two thirds… // MORE

Tea Mail – February 2004

The Big Health News in January Another busy month, with tea, especially green tea, in the news constantly. The biggest news will be of great interest to those suffering from arthritis and their families. The report ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ included a report indicating that antioxidants found in green tea, known as… // MORE

Tea Mail – January 2004

The Big Health News in December Another busy month, with important news stories breaking almost daily. Dr Ian Appleton, senior lecturer at New Zealand’s University of Otago pharmacology department, said research he was leading had begun to highlight the neuroprotective effects of catechins, key biologically active compounds in green tea, in the aftermath of strokes.… // MORE

Tea Mail – December 2003

The Big Health News in November During the month, the results of different studies from Illinois, California, Australia and China have all shown more support for tea’s benefits in fighting liver, breast, pancreatic, colon, esophageal and lung cancers. However, the most striking news of the month was a study suggesting that an active ingredient in… // MORE

Tea Mail – November 2003

The Big Health News in October October’s most notable green tea news report was undoubtedly the American Association for Cancer Research’s second annual international conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, in Phoenix, Arizona. Four research papers were presented, supporting the evidence that green tea is useful in fighting certain types of cancer, in addition… // MORE