Making Wuyishan Oolong

Andrea and Zhuping have put together this video podcast showing the tradition way for making Wuyishan Yin Cha (Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea). Oolongs, as well as black tea, originated from Wuyishan in Fujian. The mountains where the tea is grown are now within a national park and the scenes that you see are from within the park. The tea farmers still own the land in the park and are allowed to grow tea there as it has been done for many centuries. Of course the tea is grown organically. The tools used in making the tea are tools that are common to tea processing in other areas of China for traditional tea making. Making tea by hand is a rare and disappearing art. Seven Cups supports traditional methods of making tea where ever we can in China and Taiwan. Master Liu Gao Yin is one of the great young tea makers. He belongs to a generation of tea makers that have not only learned traditional tea making from an older master, but have also studied tea science at the university level. He spends a great deal of his time teaching other tea makers his art and helping farmers to practice better farming techniques. He makes very little tea each year and we are very honored to be one of his few customers.

We hope you enjoy the slide show. We have thousands of photos and we are hoping this will be a good way for us to share Chinese Tea Culture with you.

– Austin