Wulong Tea

The invention of wulong tea was a slow process, so there is no exact date of origin. The oxidation levels of wulong tea range from around 15 percent to 75 percent. This accounts for the variety of flavors available among wulongs. The name Wulong, and its anglecised counterpart Oolong, both mean “Black Dragon”. The name is a reference to the tea leaves’ resemblance to the curled body of mythical Chinese dragons.

At Seven Cups, we offer wulongs from the famed Wu Yi Shan, Dan Cong wulongs from Guangdong Province and, Anxi region wulongs. Anxi wulongs tend to be more lightly oxidized than Rock and Dan Cong wulongs. By comparison, Rock wulong and Dan Cong wulongs are usually darker in color and possess a heavier roast. Wu Yi and Dan Cong wulong tea is also produced by having the teas rolled lengthwise. Anxi wulong get rolled into a distinctive ball form.

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