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Black tea (or “red tea” as it is known in China) is a style of fully oxidized tea that developed in China’s Fujian province about 450 years ago. Fruity, rich, and complex, black tea is the style of tea that most people in the west think of when they picture “tea.” Chinese black tea is made in a variety of styles and grades. We offer both high-end black teas that are sweeter and smoother with robust flavors, and everyday grades for breakfast and afternoon teas.
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The first cup kisses away my thirst,
and my loneliness is quelled by the second.
The third gives insight worthy of ancient scrolls,
and the fourth exiles my troubles.
My body becomes lighter with the fifth,
and the sixth sends word from immortals.
But the seventh —oh the seventh cup— if I drink you,
a wind will hurry my wings toward the sacred island.

LuTong (795-835A.D.) (trans. Christopher Nelson)


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