Yellow Tea

It is believed that yellow tea was invented by the Chinese during the Ming dynasty. No one can identify exactly when the production of yellow tea began but the earliest records show its genesis may have come during the Ming dynasty. The most significant mark of yellow tea is that it is lightly oxidized tea that is very time consuming requires a slow process to produce it. Many regions used to produce yellow tea but since it is so complicated to make, the skill has been increasingly lost in many regions. So far, there are 3 regions that process and produce real yellow tea, which Seven Cups carries. There are lots of old named yellow tea that now they sell as green tea. The tea must be packed in a special way during the stewing or soaking process that involves moisture and temperature. This generates lots of digestive enzymes making it gentler on the stomach than green tea while preserving its nutritive value. Yellow tea is now very rare, but it began as a tribute tea for the Qing Dynasty.

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