Yellow Tea

Yellow tea was invented by the Chinese in the Ming dynasty, no one knows exactly when it started but records show that it started in the Ming dynasty. (). The big difference of yellow tea is that it is lightly oxidize tea, it is very time consuming and a slow process to produce. Many regions use to produce yellow tea but since it is so complicated to make, the skill has been lost in many regions. so far there are 3 regions that process real yellow tea, which we offer to you. There are lots of old named yellow tea that now they sell as green tea. Skillful and complicated is the process. During the stewing or soaking process with moisture and temperature, is a special way to pack it during the process. Creates a lot of digestive enzymes during the process which makes it gentler on the stomach than green tea, lots of natural fresh tea leaves nutrition is kept within the yellow tea. Yellow tea is very rare, but in the beginning it use to be a tribute tea for the Qing Dynasty, manchu people use it, drink it with milk and salt. they use this for their daily service milk tea. QIng dynasty’s manchu people, very similar to Mongolians, they move a lot, nomadic. they drink their milk tea, yellow tea every day. We offer real and rare yellow tea, still use the traditional methods of processing this tea, not like most yellow tea sold in the market now as green tea.

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