Bringing you the freshest teas from award-winning tea makers across China

Bringing you the freshest teas from award-winning tea makers across China

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Close view of amber colored black tea pouring from a soft ruby red easy gaiwan into two matching cups. The cups sit on a bamboo tray and a book on Yixing teapots is visible in the background.

Black teas from the early origins: Three classics in top form.

Newsletter Archive Nov. 4, 2022 This weekend only, you can get 20% off three black teas, one from each of China’s most celebrated and historic centers of black tea production. Each is made from spring leaf from this year, unbroken and unblended for a true picture of their origin. Tongmu Lapsang Souchong: The very first… // MORE

20 years old and still green.

Screenshot of a very old–fashioned website for Seven Cups in a browser window.

Newsletter Archive Oct. 28, 2022 This November marks a full 20 years since Seven Cups officially started business. Let’s honor the occasion by going back to where we started: green tea. We’re showcasing four green teas: the prestigious Xishan Bi Luo Chun, the little champion Mengding Maofeng (Feather Peak), the singular and inimitable Ming Qian… // MORE

Flowers from Exile: Dan Cong Wulong

A hand pouring steaming hot tea out of a gaiwan into three small porcelain cups on a round clay tea tray.

Newsletter Archive Oct. 7, 2022 Dan Cong wulong is a tea of contrasts – it’s potent and nuanced, it’s both sharp and mellow, it’s astringent and sweet all at once. This year, we selected a micro-lot to celebrate the dynamism of the Dan Cong style. Welcome Jianghua Xiang (Ginger Flower). If you’re a Tasting Flight… // MORE