Bringing you the freshest teas from tea makers across China

Bringing you the freshest teas from tea makers across China

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Five people stand together next to pinkish-red azalea bushes with green tea bushes and tall trees behind them.

Two Zhejiang teas, 20 years of memories.

Newsletter Archive Oct. 15, 2021 People often ask us which tea is our personal favorite. Depending on the day and which one of us is talking, you’ll get one of 100 different answers. This may seem like a cop-out, but we drink it all. If we don’t like it, how could we expect you to… // MORE

Where is your tea? It’s on the way right now.

Stacked cardboard shipping boxes of tea with the Seven Cups company logo on the side, lashed to a pallet. 2020.

Newsletter Archive Oct. 8, 2021 With a supply chain crisis in the news, it may not surprise you to find a number of your favorite teas out of stock. Fortunately, we have an optimistic forecast. For those interested in the buzz around the tea supply chain, read on. If you’re just here for the tea,… // MORE

Infusion of Contradictions: Get to know Yunnan’s black tea and its heroes

A person holding up two tea branches with young leaves, one with a long sprawling sprig with spread leaves and the other with small compact new growth.

Newsletter Archive Oct. 1, 2021 This weekend we’re featuring Laoshu Dianhong (Old Tree Yunnan) and Jinya (Yunnan Golden Buds), two impossibly fragrant and sweet black teas from Yunnan’s Fengqing County. Fengqing County, this far-out corner of China, is full of contradictions. As a tea origin, it’s imagined as both the youngest and the oldest. Its… // MORE