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A group of people around a table with a dozen teas set out for tasting.

Trade War, Tariffs, and Tea

Trade War With China From the beginning of American history China has been an important trading partner. One of the causes of the American Revolution was the monopoly of the East India Company that made it illegal for us to trade with China directly. Tea was the key element in that trade, helping to make… // MORE

The East is Red: China’s Red (Black) Tea Renaissance

Side by side comparison of the dry leaves of Shi Feng Long Jing (Shi Feng Dragon Well) when made into a black and a green tea.

In the past 15 years, Chinese black teas have undergone a renaissance that has resulted in a proliferation of high quality black teas from many origins.

What Is Purple Leaf Tea, Really?

The deep red-purple new leaves of the Zi Juan purple tea cultivar growing on top of the bushes.

An old tea plant turns over a colorful new leaf Though “purple tea” is sometimes marketed as a whole new type of tea in the vein of black or green tea, this name actually refers to the cultivar of tea plant used to make it. There are many purple tea cultivars out there, even just… // MORE