Bringing you the freshest tea direct from over 30 tea makers across China

Bringing you the freshest tea direct from over 30 tea makers across China

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Two women in white and green ponchos stand in a tea field.

The Magic Of Direct Sourcing in the Tea Industry

  The success of Seven Cups fine tea over the last couple of decades for the large part can be attributed to “direct sourcing.” It is one of our core values. For us, it gives us the ability to focus on quality. For the tea maker, there is direct exposure to the market. For the… // MORE

How to Cold Brew Loose-leaf Black Tea for Summer

Cold brewed tea in sealed Ball jars

A summer essential: Cold brew black tea With the persistent heat of the summer starting to creep higher and higher in temperature here in Tucson, we’ve been experimenting with cold brewing our catalog of teas. With plenty of fresh black tea in stock, we figured it was the perfect time for a head-to-head comparison of… // MORE

Humans and tea go way back. Sip a few millenia of flavors.

Three porcelain dishes full of dark dry tea leaves, one a long thin and twisted black tea, one fluffy and dark green with larger leaves and some buds, and one a broader dark twisted rock wulong.

Newsletter Archive Apr. 1, 2022 This weekend we’re featuring three teas from three unusual tea bush cultivars: one new, one old, and one downright prehistoric. That’s Huang Guanyin wulong tea, Tieguanyin Baicha white tea, and Laoshu Dianhong black tea. In the span of these three teas, you’re in for a tour through humanity’s long history… // MORE