Bringing you the freshest teas from award-winning tea makers across China.

Bringing you the freshest teas from award-winning tea makers across China.

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Two people hovering over a table of about a dozen brewed teas for comparative tasting, only their arms in view.

How do you learn the difference between tea terroir, plant variety and processes?

Newsletter Archive Aug. 26, 2022 We’re featuring six teas this week that are perfect for comparative tasting: that’s black teas Zui Chun Fang (Drunken Peach) and Dianhong Gongfu; wulongs Jin Guanyin (Golden Tieguanyin) and Chuantong Tieguanyin (Traditional Tieguanyin); and green teas Ming Qian Anji Baicha (Early Harvest Anji) and Mao Jian (Misty New Top). People… // MORE

The Favorite Daughters of Sichuan

Close view of a painted white gaiwan held up in both hands to show the tea leaves and jasmine petals brewing inside, holding the lid open with one hand and bracing the saucer in the other.

Newsletter Archive Aug. 19, 2022 This weekend we’re featuring all jasmine teas, all gaiwan and all tea accessories. Born of Sichuan, humble and sophisticated, ancient and modern: a well-used Gaiwan exudes charm and commands reverence. As the legend goes, the first gaiwan was designed by the daughter of a Tang Dynasty Provincial Governor. In the damp… // MORE

Yixing and Yancha: A Natural Pair

A purplish rock on a plate, next to a sculpted yixing teapot and clay teacup.

Newsletter Archive Aug. 12, 2022 This weekend, we’re featuring all Yixing teaware. Need something to brew in that handsome new teapot? We recommend these three classics of Wuyi Rock Wulong: Rougui (Cassia Bark), Shuixian (Narcissus), and Xiao Hong Pao (Little Red Robe). The soils of Wuyishan and Yixing are nearly 400 miles apart from each… // MORE