Bringing you the freshest teas from tea makers across China

Bringing you the freshest teas from tea makers across China

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Looking closely at the black tea leaves of Zijuan Hong brewing in a pale blue-green gaiwan with its lid lifted ajar, accompanied by a full cup of tea on a wooden tray.

The last new micro-lot of the year is something colorful and different.

Newsletter Archive Dec. 3, 2021 This year’s final microlot is here. Behold the unusual Zijuan Hong Purple Leaf Yunnan Black Tea.  It’s available now. If you’re a Tasting Flight subscriber, you’re guaranteed a bag in your December delivery. If you’re curious about these purple leaves, take note: this weekend we’re also featuring all other purple… // MORE

Chasing persistent excellence: 2021 Rock Wulong is here.

An open black yixing teapot filled with dry rock wulong tea leaves, set on a tray and surrounded by a pitcher, cup, and vase with a small plant.

Newsletter Archive Nov. 12, 2021 Like a cold snap of autumn, new Wuyi rock wulong is here. This weekend, we’re featuring three of our personal favorites from the new crop: Ba Xian (Eight Immortals), Rougui (Cassia Bark), and Que She (Sparrow’s Tongue). Toasty, sweet and complex. It’s what you need for the back porch. The… // MORE

Puer tea from way off the beaten path

A vehicle traversing the rough mountain road.

Newsletter Archive Nov. 5, 2021 New puer teas just arrived, including several new additions to our catalog of sheng puer cakes: Xiaohuzhai 2019, Xinbanzhang 2019, and Jingmaishan (Jingmai Mountain) 2007. There’s even more new stuff on the site and there’s limited stock of a few old favorites too, including Youleshan 2007, Daxueshan 2012, and the… // MORE