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Specialty Tea Manifesto

‘Specialty Tea.’ must be defined to establish value and give meaning to the term.

Wulong Tea Harvest Times and Picking Standards

The picking standard of Shui Xian Wuong tea leaves. Zhong Kai Mian and Xiao Kai Mian.

  If there was ever a sign of how sophisticated the western tea-drinker has become, it’s the large number of technical questions we now receive from our customers. Wulong tea is frequently the subject of these questions, and so to help our customers, we’ve written a short guide to its harvesting seasons and picking standards.… // MORE

Venture Capitalist Kevin Rose Adds Seven Cups Tea to Holiday Gift Boxes

Leaving Kunming

We’re honored to be included in Kevin’s quarterly box. The following press release explains it all. Tucson, Arizona (PRWEB) December 23, 2014 Kevin Rose is known as a Silicon Valley guru, venture capitalist and partner in Google Ventures. In 2009 he traveled with Seven Cups founder Austin Hodge to the rainforests of Yunnan in southwest… // MORE