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Tasting Chinese Tea At TRA

Should Taste be Used as a Standard for Judging Specialty Tea?

Paradoxically, taste is both the least important and most important elementwhen it comes to establishing the quality of a specialty tea. Taste is the least important element in that taste is, after all, dependent on the individual. What tastes bad to some tastes good to others.

Standards for Specialty Tea – Aroma

A woman evaluating tea aroma by smelling a gaiwan full of tea.

Element 11 – Aroma Aroma is the most complex and subjective element in evaluating a tea. Not only are the chemical elements in tea complex, the olfactory senses are more complex still and neurologically have the most intense and direct pathway to the brain. Before we get to judging the tea, aroma already has played… // MORE

Standards for Specialty Tea – Color

Yu Qian An Ji Bai Cha 2013

Element 10 – Color The color of dry tea leaves, wet tea leaves, and the tea infusion itself offers clues about the processing the tea leaves went through, how they were stored, and their age. Both leaf and liquor color are indicators of the amount of oxidation and roasting that tea leaves have gone through. Even… // MORE