Free Delivery in Continental US During COVID-19

Free Delivery in Continental US During COVID-19

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Dry leaves of Silver Needle pouring out of a small porcelain dish onto a white surface, with a few pale pink flowers strewn around and out of focus.

Why are we discounting the freshest tea in North America?

Newsletter Archive Apr. 16, 2021 Fresh 2021 Baihao Yinzhen (Silver Needle) is here and for just this first weekend, we’re offering it to you at a discount. There’s something different about Baihao Yinzhen when it’s just been made. In the first few months after production, Silver Needle’s fresh hay and green fruit notes are at… // MORE

Meet the tea that started it all: Longjing green tea.

Two men standing over a wok with Longjing green tea leaves in it, one with a hand in the wok demonstrating and one learning.

Newsletter Archive Apr. 9, 2021 30 years ago, a sip of Longjing tea started a chain reaction that moved Seven Cups into existence. Austin received a gift of some curious flat-leaf tea from a friend who had just returned from his hometown in Zhejiang province, China. It was love at first brew. The only problem… // MORE

Remembering the father of Big Red Robe: One tea master’s lasting impact on the world of rock wulong.

Chen Dehua and Zhuping Hodge happily conversing and gesturing, seated at a wooden table with teacups and notebooks on it, with shelves of ornate boxes of tea behind them.

Newsletter Archive Apr. 1, 2021 As a new tea season opens, we’re toasting to the memory of our friend Mr. Chen Dehua. Chen Dehua was one of Wuyishan’s most important teamakers. Some people knew Mr. Chen as “The Father of Da Hong Pao.” Da Hong Pao (aka Big Red Robe) of course, is the most… // MORE