Free Delivery in Continental US During COVID-19

Free Delivery in Continental US During COVID-19

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The front room of the tea house, with the seating area visible beyond through a wide doorway.

Teahouse Blues

With the holidays’ approach, I’m filled with sadness that our teahouse continues to be closed for service. It looks as if that may be the case for the rest of the year. The first year we were open was also challenging, but December filled us with hope for the future.

How Chinese Black Tea Conquered the World (and then China)

Liang Dejun standing among the bushes of the Tongmu tea gardens holding up a single delicate tea bud.

Chinese black tea spread to every continent around the world to become the most popular beverage next to water before it was noticed by Chinese tea drinkers. It was always considered damaged tea until the 21st-century tea renaissance. Chinese are drinking black tea for the first time. The quality of the tea being produced now… // MORE

How do Heirloom Tea Cultivars Affect the Price of Tea?

The late celebrated Shifeng Longjing tea master Weng Shangyi showing the Longjing quntizhong tea bushes in his garden. Many of them are over 50 years old. The Weng family has been making tribute tea in this area for generations.

Understanding Quntizhong: China’s Heirloom Tea Plants Among the wide variety of available tea cultivars, where do heirloom plants fit in? The specific variety of tea plant used to make any tea has a big influence on the final product. All of the hundreds of tea cultivars in existence have their own distinct flavors, aromas, and… // MORE