Bringing you the freshest teas from over 30 tea makers across China

Bringing you the freshest teas from over 30 tea makers across China

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A woman wearing a smock and tea plucking basket stands beside a red motorcyle in front of a bamboo grove.

Even more spring tea just in time for Mother’s Day.

Newsletter Archive May 6, 2022 The fresh crop has arrived for 2022 Guzhu Zi Sun (Purple Bamboo Shoot), one of our most unique and small-scale green teas. With the release of this new tea, we’re proud to uphold our years-running Mother’s Day tradition of featuring Purple Bamboo Shoot as tea made by a small-but-mighty team… // MORE

Spring tea (at last.)

A glass pitcher of brewing green tea, a small filled teacup with a single tea sprig floating in the middle, and a small brown paper package of tea leaves with a trailing untied red ribbon around it, all on a bamboo tray surrounded by green and red bamboo-like leaves of a plant.

Newsletter Archive Apr. 29, 2022 2022 Spring teas are here at a last. As per our tradition, we’re immediately offering a discount on Shifeng Longjing for the first weekend. This discount comes with our gratitude to you. If you’re reading this, you’re likely as excited to see these teas show up as we are. Along… // MORE

Scented teas for people who don’t like scented tea.

A glass of brewing Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls held up to the sky as the leaves within unfurl.

Newsletter Archive Apr. 22, 2022 This weekend, all our scented teas are featured and available to you. It’s a full on enflorage for sipping on your back porch, at your breakfast table, or in your midnight cuppa. For us, a guiding principle is to select the scented teas that can still be appreciated by folks… // MORE