Free Delivery in Continental US During COVID-19

Free Delivery in Continental US During COVID-19

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A woman in a light raincoat and colorful patterned jacket hood standing in the tea garden. She has a pleased smile and is gesturing at a large basket full of fresh plucked spring tea leaves.

Who plucks the best tea in China? Two exacting teas from the tea plucker’s homeland.

Newsletter Archive Sep. 10, 2021 As summer roars to an end, how about some green tea? This week we’re featuring Tai Ping Houkui and Lu’an Gua Pian, the odd darlings of Anhui. These two teas stand out with their unusual cultivars, complicated plucking, and even-more-complicated processing. If you’ve never tried them before, prepare for a… // MORE

Jasmine, Puer, and memory: Remembering the life and friendship of Luo Shaojun.

Two people standing in front of an entrance and sign, smiling.

Newsletter Archive Sep. 3, 2021 This week brings two popular teas back into stock. That includes the small-batch-ripened Sweet Dragon Ball Shu Puer 2016 and the very fresh and fancy 2021 Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls. With every new tea coming in, memories come too. As this season of jasmine tea arrives, we’re reminded of a… // MORE

Your (tea) flight is boarding. Introducing a new subscription service from Seven Cups.

Two glass pitchers of green and black tea and two porcelain dishes of their dry leaves, outside on a wooden plank in the sunlight.

Newsletter Archive: Sep. 1 2021 If you’re like us, you like trying new teas based on what’s especially good this season. We just created a new subscription service to give you that kind of recommendation on the regular. Meet The Tasting Flight: a monthly tea subscription. We designed this service to give you a variety… // MORE