Seven Cups Tucson Teahouse

Austin and Zhuping at the Seven Cups teahouse in 2019
Austin and Zhuping at the Seven Cups teahouse in 2019

Visit our traditional Chinese teahouse in Tucson, Arizona, named “One Of Six Best Places to Drink Tea in America” by Travel + Leisure in 2012.

Seven Cups specializes in sourcing the freshest teas directly from over 30 tea makers across China. Our teahouse menu features over 70 high-quality, loose-leaf Chinese teas and a small selection of snacks for you to enjoy as you drink your tea. Our teas have given us international recognition, but we remain a neighborhood destination and a quiet spot to spend hours with our great selection of teas.

General Information

Hours: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, 7 days a week
We are closed on Labor day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Phone: (520) 881-4072
For placing online orders, please call our warehouse: (520) 628-2952

Location: 2516 E 6th St, Tucson, AZ 85716
(Near 6th St. & Tucson Blvd. across from Flora’s Market Run (Formerly Rincon Market)
Parking in front of the shop is limited. Additional parking is available across the street just behind Flora’s Market Run (Formerly Rincon Market). There is a crosswalk at the intersection of 6th St. & Tucson Blvd.


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The front room of the tea house, with the seating area visible beyond through a wide doorway.
The front room of the Tucson tea house.

Our teahouse is a peaceful place to sit down and explore the many types of loose-leaf Chinese teas, which can be served either hot or iced. At our teahouse you can:

  • Buy packaged loose-leaf Chinese teas: green, wulong, white, black, puer, yellow, scented, and caffeine-free herbal teas
  • Buy Chinese teaware and accessories (glass, porcelain, yixing clay, ceramic, and wood)
  • Enjoy our teas served with light snacks during our sit-down table service (one pot per person; reservations are available for groups)

Reservation Policy: We are only accepting reservations for our Taste of China event (see information below)

Events and Tea Tastings

Call (520) 881-4072 to make reservations directly with our teahouse

Zhuping hosting a tea tasting at the teahouse
Zhuping hosting a tea tasting at the teahouse

Taste of China – open for reservations

Discover the wonders of Chinese tea with Zhuping Hodge as you taste a selection of high-quality teas featuring different tea origins and processing methods. Great for parties and special events (baby showers, client/employee events, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc.)

Cost: $15 per guest (minimum of 6 people required)*
Length: approximately 1 hour

Chinese Tea Ceremony – open for reservations

Experience a traditional Chinese tea ceremony hosted by Zhuping Hodge. Taste multiple infusions of a single tea over the course of the ceremony. Sweets will be served with tea. Great for parties and special events (baby showers, meetings, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc.)

Call to make your reservation at least two days in advance. Time slots are limited. Morning reservations are recommended for a peaceful and enriching experience.

Cost: $25 per guest (minimum of 6 people required)*
Length: approximately 45 minutes

Private Tea Lessons – open for reservations; in-person and virtual

Learn about the culture, history, processing methods, health benefits, and preparation of Chinese’s famous teas. Zhuping Hodge is a certified tea scholar and has spent the last two decades studying tea directly from tea growers and makers across China. Students can pick a category of tea they are interested in and expect to focus on a specific topic about tea during each class while tasting a variety of teas. Come to class with questions and be prepared to learn about a variety of tea-related topics and to taste many Chinese teas. Students will also learn and practice techniques for brewing and evaluating loose-leaf teas at home.

Cost: $250 per session (for individuals and groups – contact us for more information)
Length: approximately 1 hour

*Prices do not include tax or gratuity (20% for events with 6 or more guests)

Classes are taught at our teahouse, and in-person and virtual private lessons are also available. Please contact us for more details and to check for availability.

Tea Tours to China – visit our tea makers with us

Travel to China with us and visit some of the most inaccessible tea-producing regions. Our tea makers will welcome you into their homes and tea factories, and develop a deeper appreciation for high-quality Chinese tea. Better understand how much hard-work goes into the tea that you enjoy every day through this unique firsthand experience.