Learn About Tea

Learning about tea is a never ending process…

There are a variety of ways to learn about tea: studying online or reading books, communicating with tea enthusiasts and scholars, or visiting the fields and factories to learn from tea makers themselves. At Seven Cups, we believe there is no substitution for learning from first-hand experience at the source. That’s why we visit our tea makers every year, not only to select our teas but also to study the process of tea making, observe innovations in the techniques of tea production, and note changes in market conditions in China. Tea is an ancient crop but the culture and science surrounding it is constantly changing. Every year that goes by teaches us more and unveils that there’s so much more yet to learn.

There is a Chinese saying, “You can study tea all of your life and still not learn the names of all the teas.”  With that in mind, we have created this Learn About Tea section to share our obsession with Chinese tea and tea culture with you. We spend as much time researching tea as sourcing it and drinking it. Got more questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at any time! We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. You are welcome to try and stump us. Those kinds of questions are the ones that we like best. We are always excited to learn about tea ourselves. Moreover, your questions help guide the creation of the content in this section of our website!

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Dan Chong wulong almost ready for roasting
Dan Cong wulong almost ready for roasting