Wholesale Tea Program

Quality wholesale tea is really hard to find. Our goal is to solve the fundamental problem that small tea companies face — access to a reliable supply of authentic, unique teas that will inspire your staff and delight your customers, at prices that help you make more money.

We are international tea importers — it is our passion and our core competency as a company. We have two services designed for small tea businesses.  First, our International Brokerage service is designed for companies that want to plan ahead and order teas by the chest, directly from our producers in China.  Prices are lower and a typical order is 30-50 kilos.  For International Brokerage, click here.

Second, our Wholesale service is designed for ordering smaller quantities just-in-time from our warehouse in the United States.  Prices are a bit higher than with Brokerage, but you can order in multiples of 500 grams.

We are happy to talk with you about your business and determine the program that is right for you.  Whichever service you choose comes with:

  1. Access to our award-winning catalog of more than 100 fine loose-leaf Chinese teas.
  2. A direct line to Chinese tea producers.  We source every single one of our teas directly from 25-30 producers in 10 different regions in China and Taiwan.  We then publish our sources to prove the authenticity of our teas, educate our customers, and promote small-scale, traditional tea production in China.  We’re happy to share our research with you to help you market your teas effectively.
  3. Breadth and depth of sourcing.  Although we focus on the high end, our producers make many grades of tea at a wide range of price points.  If you need a tea that isn’t in our catalog, there is a good chance that we can source that tea for you in China.
  4. Direct exporting and shipping.  Exporting from China requires a Chinese Trading License.  Seven Cups is the first American tea company to have our own license, which allows us to export tea from China directly to customers without going through middlemen.  Our teas are expensive because of their quality, but our prices are not inflated by brokers or other middlemen.

For more information on becoming a wholesale partner, please give us a call at (866) 997-2877 or fill out our Wholesale Contact Form below.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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