Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email [email protected] or by phone at (520) 628-2952.

About Seven Cups and our products:

What makes Seven Cups different?

Our teas are sourced directly from over 30 award-winning tea makers across China. We have spent the last two decades developing long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and are proud to share their teas with you. All of our teas are hand packaged here in Tucson, Arizona and shipped domestically and internationally to tea lovers across the world.

Do you have a physical location that I can visit?

You can visit us at our teahouse in Tucson, Arizona located at 2510 E Fort Lowell Rd, Tucson, AZ 85716. Our teahouse carries our full line of teas and a selection of our teaware offerings.

I am new to the world of Chinese tea. What tea would you recommend?

We recommend trying our Yinhao Longzhu (Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls), Mao Jian (Misty New Top), Anji Hong, Jin Kongque (Golden Peacock), and Jia Cang (Home Store Puer) for people getting into Chinese tea.

How can I find out more about your teas?

All of our teas are personally sourced by us. Each tea comes with a detailed description. Have more detailed questions? Email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

What are all the different names you give to your teas?

Many of our teas are named using the romanization and translation of the traditional or common market names of these teas. Some are named after the tea plant cultivar like our rock wulongs, while others are named after their origin and appearance, such as our Jinya (Yunnan Golden Buds).

Are your teas organic?

Teas in our catalog that are marked “organic” are from producers who maintain organic certifications with a third party authority.

Teas not marked as organic are still sourced from tea makers following responsible farming practices, however they have not paid the expense of maintaining an organic certification. We place great emphasis on the flavor and safety of our products. To this end, we personally vet the tea makers we source from and verify the safety of their tea through third party testing for pesticide residue.

Is there caffeine in tea? Does green tea have less caffeine than black tea?

Yes, all tea contains caffeine. A tea’s caffeine amount varies based on how that specific tea is cultivated, grown, processed, and brewed. 

If you are looking for a tea with a moderate-to-high level of caffeine, we recommend one of our black teas from Yunnan, either Gongfu Dianhong or Jin Kongque (Golden Peacock), our Yun Wu (Clouds and Mist) and Fo Mei (Buddha’s Eyebrow) green teas, or a rock wulong.

If you are interested in teas with low-to-moderate levels of caffeine, we recommend our Ming Qing Anji Bai (Early Harvest Anji), Bi Lou Chun, Guzhu Zisun (Purple Bamboo Shoot), Anji Hong, or Laoshu Dianhong (Old Tree Yunnan).

We also offer a small selection of caffeine free herbals for those looking for an alternative.

Why is there such a wide range of prices for Chinese tea?

In the broad market for Chinese tea, it is often the case that two teas sold under the same name (e.g. Dragon Well, Da Hong Pao, etc.) have very different prices.

The price of a tea is influenced by a number of factors. This includes the fame of the tea’s style, its origin, and its tea maker as well as it’s harvest time and the grade of the tea’s quality. Many of the world’s highest quality teas are produced in China and are produced following well established governmental, prefectural, and local quality standards. To meet the varying demands of domestic and international tea markets, Chinese tea makers produce a range of different grades. Similarly, tea vendors may source a given style from a variety of origins and makers.

With regard to our own catalog, we are proud to offer some of the well known and famous Chinese teas and frequently carry smaller micro lots of more exclusive teas. Even to a new tea drinker, each of our teas offer something different and allow you to enjoy every sip, no matter how you brew them. We also offer a selection of everyday and reasonably priced teas for your daily enjoyment.

Is loose-leaf tea better than the tea in tea bags?

We strongly believe in high-quality loose-leaf tea made with the freshest, finely plucked tea leaves.

What is the ideal time for brewing your teas?

Each tea that we sell comes with recommended brewing guidelines on the back of the package which are also mentioned on the specific product’s website page. For general brewing information, please check out our how to brew loose-leaf tea page.

What is the ideal water temperature for brewing Chinese tea?

We recommend following the brewing guidelines printed on the back of our bags. Each tea type has its own recommendation. As a quick guide, 85°C (185ºF) for green, yellow, and scented; 88°C (190°F) for white, and 100°C (212°F) for wulong, black, and puer.

How many times can I brew my tea?

You may steep our teas up to four to five times depending on the tea. Please refer to our recommended brewing guidelines for each of our teas or look at our how to brew loose-leaf tea page.

How many cups of tea can I drink per day?

Each person has a different level of caffeine tolerance. However, there is not necessarily a limit to how much caffeine a person can consume in a given day. We recommend that you are sensible with your caffeine intake. A small note, we suggest that you avoid drinking green and white tea on an empty stomach.

How should I store my tea?

Tea is sensitive to light, moisture, heat, and air. Store tea in a cool, dark, and dry place before and after opening. You may store your tea in an airtight, light proof container if you’d like.

My usual tea is not available, do you have a suggestion?

You will find related product suggestions at the bottom of each product page.

Can tea help me lose weight?

We’ve researched data about tea and weight loss and have found it to be vague. We suggest that you drink tea for your own enjoyment, first and foremost.

Can I drink tea before bed?

All tea contains some level of caffeine which may disrupt your sleep schedule depending on your sensitivity to caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, we recommend trying one of our caffeine free herbals such as the Goji (Goji Berries), Rose Buds, or Tai Ju Baby Chrysanthemum.

Can I drink tea if I am pregnant?

That is a great question for a medical professional. We have a small selection of caffeine free herbals that you might enjoy. We recommend giving our rose buds a try.

Can my child drink caffeinated tea?

We will leave that up to the parents. Many children in China drink tea from a young age. We suggest that you and your child try our caffeine free herbals or one of our moderately caffeinated teas such as Ming Qing Anji Bai (Early Harvest Anji), Anji Hong, or Laoshu Dianhong (Old Tree Yunnan).

About ordering and shipping:

I did not receive a confirmation email

The confirmation email is generated automatically by our system. First thing to do is to check that it has not been put in your junk mail folder. Next thing is to check that you gave us the correct/exact email address.

A second, follow-up email is sent once the order is ready for shipping, usually 1 to 3 business days after you make your order.

I made a mistake in my order, can I change it?

Once an order is completed and/or shipped we cannot change it.  However if the order has not been prepared yet, you can cancel it and place another order to correct any mistakes or add any items that you would like. 

How do I pay for my online purchases?

You can pay for your purchases in American dollars (USD) using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, JCB or Paypal.

Are my purchases secure?

All transactions on our website are stingently secured. Your information is firstly secured by SSL encription, meaning your communication is encrypted as it passes from your browser to the website’s server. Secondly, we use a payment processor is third-party certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1. This most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Where are you shipping your tea from?

All of our products are shipped from our warehouse in Tucson, Arizona.

What shipping options do you offer?

We ship through USPS (United States Postal Service) and FedEx (FedEx Corporation).  All shipping services offered include a tracking number, unless otherwise specified. We happily ship our products internationally as well.

About your customer account:

How can I change my profile or my password?

You can change your billing and shipping address, your name, company name, and password all through editing your profile.  First, sign into your Seven Cups account.  Once logged in, navigate to the “Buy Online” section of the website.  On the right side of the screen will be a red box with information about your shopping cart and profile options.  Click “Modify Profile”, and you will then have access to your personal information.  Once you have made your changes, click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.  You should receive an email regarding the changes made.

How can I see what teas I have already ordered?

Log into your Seven Cups account and navigate to the “Buy Online” section of the website.  On the right side on the screen a red box will contain several options regarding your profile.  Click “Order History” and select the appropriate date range.  Your past orders will appear, along with invoices.