Goji (Goji Berries)

Caffeine Free Herbal Tea 100 grams

Very mild sweet flavor, famous for high levels of antioxidants and amino acids. A popular berry from northwestern China often used in tea and soups. Berries can be eaten after infusing.


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Tea Origin
Ningxia Province, China

Just like tea, goji berries have many different grades. Our goji berries are imported fresh from Ning Xia and are the highest grade of goji available. They characteristically have the largest size and a flavor of rich sweetness. Goji berries are known for being rich and antioxidants and can be eaten raw, cooked in soup, or infused in tea.

Goji berries can be used as an herbal tea or food. They are very popular in China, enjoyed sometimes as a dessert because of their sweetness. You can eat them straight, infuse them on their own, or blend them with your favorite tea for an added lightly sweet and smooth taste. According to research, they are highly rich in anti-oxidants.

More than 3,000 years ago, the Chinese had already started to pick and eat goji berries. A famous book, Shi Jing mentioned them as being eaten at this time, but not used as a drink. Beginning 2,000 years ago, during the Han Dynasty, herbalists starting using goji berries in medicine. According to Chinese medicine, goji berries are enriching for your blood and qi.

There is a humorous folktale about goji berries and their use as a health food. The tale describes a scholar traveling to the countryside in order to prepare for his exams. En route, the scholar encounters  what appears to be a teenage girl spanking and scolding an elderly man. This surprised the scholar very much so he confronted the girl about how she could be so cruel and disrespectful to her elder. The girl laughed and replied, “I am spanking my great grandchild. He won’t listen to me when I tell him to eat goji berries. I am already 372 years old, I spank him because he wouldn’t eat the berries to have a long life and stay young.”



Goji (Goji Berries) brewing guidelines

Teaware: 12 oz glass, cup, or porcelain pot
Amount: 1 tablespoon (w/tea), 2 tablespoons (alone)
Water: 212 F filtered water
Infusion: 1st infusion at least 3 minutes. This herbal tea is good for 3 infusions or until your tea’s flavor is exhausted. Infused berries are edible.