Fu Rong Hua (Hibiscus)

Caffeine Free Herbal Tea 40 grams

Large purple Chinese hibiscus flowers with a colorful bright red-pink infusion and a refreshing lightly sour and slightly sweet flavor. High in vitamin C, excellent hot or iced.

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Tea Origin
Lincang City, Yunnan Province, China

Tea Maker
Zhou Qinghe

Harvest Time

Hibiscus flowers are caffeine free and have a sour fruit taste with a sweet edge. The tea color is very deep and rich, but also very clear. You can drink it warm or make it into an iced tea for the summer, just add rock candy or local honey to balance out the lightly sour fruit taste. According to Chinese medicine, hibiscus is both warming and cooling. The Chinese believe it is very soothing to drink for the stomach, the rich vitamin C content is also believed to be good for the skin.

Hibiscus grows in many different countries. In China, they grow in the southern part which is warmer. Our hibiscus flowers come from Yunnan Province, they are a type of hibiscus called Roselle or Hibiscus Sabdariffa. They are a subspecies of the hibiscus genus and are native to West Africa. When hibiscus flowers open, they are very large, about the size of a person’s hand. If you want to make them into herbal tea, they must be picked just before they have opened completely, around October. They are slowly dried at a low temperature for about 6-8 hours to maintain their original flavor and color.





Fu Rong Hua (Hibiscus) brewing guidelines

Teaware: 12 oz glass, cup, or porcelain pot
Amount: 7-10 flowers
Water: 212F filtered water
Infusion: 1st infusion at least 3 minutes. This herbal tea is good for 4 infusions