Fo Mei (Buddha’s Eyebrow)

Organic Green Tea 2021

A fresh and grassy green tea with a rich flavor without bitterness. Harvested in late spring at the highest grade international commercial standard. Named for the curled dry leaf shape, eyebrow tea is the most popular style of everyday tea in China. A highly affordable organic green tea with bold flavor.

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Tea Origin
Anhui Province, China

Tea Bush
Qimen Xiaochuyezhong (Qimen Small Leaf Tea Bush)

Tea Master
Fang Guoqiang and Xu Zhaoyu

Harvest Time

Picking Standard
Six to eight leaves

Mei (Eyebrow) style tea, named after the curved shape of the dry leaf, is traditionally the most popular everyday tea in China. This particular certified tea grows on Tai mountain near a Buddhist temple where the local monks drink this tea daily for its robust taste and fresh aroma. Green tea, being the most common style of tea in China, comes in many forms and many flavors. Despite its reputation of being a lighter beverage than other styles, green tea has the potential to have very complex and strong flavors. Fo Mei is one such example.

Fo Mei is a certified organic green tea. Sawdust from local mills is used to naturally prevent weeds for up to two years, while organic compost is made from pig manure, grass and straw. Fo Mei owes its richness to three main factors: its leaf configuration, its cultivar, and its careful processing. Only full leaves, and no buds, are included in this tea. While mature leaves lack the delicate sweetness of buds, good quality mature leaves offer malt, fragrant wood, and roasted nut aromas that infuse quickly into the cup. Additionally, Jiu Keng, the tea bush variety used to make Buddha’s Eyebrow, is known for its intense mineral flavors. Finally, stems in the rolled tea are removed by careful sorting to preserve the purity of this tea’s deeper flavors.

Fo Mei is an affordable, everyday grade of green tea that is very popular at our tea house. Try brewing it in the summer for a delicious iced tea, or enjoy it hot.

No chemical fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide was used in the production of this tea. Click here to read more about our promise to fair trade and the environment.

Fo Mei (Buddha’s Eyebrow) brewing guidelines

5 grams (1 Tb) tea

12 oz 88°C (190ºF) water

2 min. first infusion

At least 4 infusions: 2, 3, 5, 8 minutes