Anxi Wulong

While the oxidation of wulong can range anywhere between 15% and 75%, Anxi region wulongs tend to fall on the lighter end of the spectrum. Anxi county lies in the southern region of Fujian province. One of the most well known teas to emerge from this area is the Tieguanyin meaning “Iron Goddess of Mercy”. It was reported once that it set the record for most expensive tea ever sold in the United Kindgom at a whopping 3000 USD per kilogram. However, the tea did not outsell Da Hong Pao wulong which currently holds the record for the most expensive tea sold on the global market. One of the most striking differences of an Anxi wulong is its color. By comparison, Wu Yi Mountain rock wulong and Dan Cong wulong from Guangdong province are a darker brown. Thus, even when you see an Anxi wulong, it appears more vegetal. This is because it is not quite as roasted as the wulongs featured from the other two regions. The other thing you may notice is that finished Anxi wulongs are in a distinctive ball form although Taiwanese wulongs have this in common with Anxi wulongs.
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The first cup kisses away my thirst,
and my loneliness is quelled by the second.
The third gives insight worthy of ancient scrolls,
and the fourth exiles my troubles.
My body becomes lighter with the fifth,
and the sixth sends word from immortals.
But the seventh —oh the seventh cup— if I drink you,
a wind will hurry my wings toward the sacred island.

LuTong (795-835A.D.) (trans. Christopher Nelson)


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