Teahouse Team Favorite Teas of 2021

Newsletter Archive Jan. 14, 2022

Close up of a gaiwan brewing sunlit tea on a windowsill, with the lid lifted in someone’s hand.
Brewing White Dragon Whiskers in a gaiwan.

Continuing with our 2021 retrospective, this week we bring you the personal favorites of our teahouse team: Da Fo Longjing (Big Buddha Dragon Well), Zi Ye Shu (Purple Leaf Shu Puer) and Bai Long Xu (White Dragon Whiskers) White Puer.

2022 marks 18 years of our teahouse being open in the Sam Hughes neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona. It’s the longest running business on its corner of Tucson Boulevard and 6th St., serving tea through booms and busts in the national and local economy. Not bad for a shop selling hot tea in the desert. A big part of the teahouse’s survival is the fact that it’s an outlet for passion: it’s staffed by a team of people who are genuinely excited to help you find tea you’ll love to drink.

Three people standing at the counter in the teahouse with cups of tea.
Wren, Zhuping, and Natalia at the Tucson teahouse.

To name a few of our teahouse team and their personal favorite teas:

Wren, who fixes electronics and brews gongfu tea with equal precision and serenity, recommends Da Fo Longjing as her personal standout from 2021. In her words, “Big Buddha Dragon Well has a unique nutty bite perfect for cool crisp days, with an aroma that lingers in the mouth and mind long after the tea is gone. Add a touch of osmanthus for a fragrance that fills the room.”

Doug names the Zi Ye Shu his personal favorite. It’s the kind of tea that’s drinkable everyday and still remains surprising. Doug, educated in hospitality, brings a strong work ethic and a cheerful attitude to the tea house counter.

Natalia, who recently joined the team, quickly picked a favorite in the White Dragon Whiskers. It’s a “white” puer that possesses the complexity of Yunnan tea but with such delicate delivery.

Of course, for tea lovers, favorite teas often change day to day. When you visit the teahouse, feel free to ask the staff what they’ve been enjoying lately for some great recommendations, especially when new teas start coming in.

Stay tuned next week for the founders’ favorites with Austin and Zhuping’s picks of the year.