Scented teas for people who don’t like scented tea.

Newsletter Archive Apr. 22, 2022

A close shot of fresh white jasmine flowers held in someones palm. Used for scenting jasmine green tea. 2021.
Fresh jasmine flowers, plucked just before opening.

This weekend, all our scented teas are featured and available to you. It’s a full on enflorage for sipping on your back porch, at your breakfast table, or in your midnight cuppa.

For us, a guiding principle is to select the scented teas that can still be appreciated by folks who don’t like scented tea.

For jasmine tea, that means you’ll find only teas that adhere old-school techniques, using just fresh jasmine flowers, not oils or isolates, to impart a jasmine top note. Traditional jasmine makers will repeatedly mix tea leaves with bushels of actual jasmine flowers multiple times so that complex aroma permeates the leaf.

The goal is aromatics that compliment already excellent green tea and flavors that glide through infusion after infusion, remaining bright, delicate, and crisp as the air after rain.

Jasmine not your thing? The humble Xuanmicha (Genmaicha) is in the mix too. Process and freshness is important here too – we like this tea fresh, bright and toasty. Beware old genmaicha, overpowered by the staleness of old rice.

Enjoy these just as spring blooms outside are hitting their peak while we have a few more cool mornings to take in before the summer heat.

A glass of brewing Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls held up to the sky as the leaves within unfurl.
Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls’ hand-rolled leaves unfurling against the sky.

Spring Tea Update

The long-awaited selection of early spring teas are very nearly here. We are looking forward to sharing some exciting news with you soon.

The season ahead promises to be full of surprises and challenges. Although we’re happy to see goods moving again, the supply chain is still far from being out of the woods. The full impact of ongoing quarantine and travel restrictions within China remains to be seen. Despite rising costs and complexity of exports, we’re not interested in cutting corners – we’re committed to bringing you the same selection and quality of teas you know us for.

We’re still committed to sharing information, too. If something simply isn’t available this year, we’ll let you know why. If you have questions as the season rolls on, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

A glass pitcher full of green tea leaves and toasted rice sits on a blue surface infront of a window.
A comforting brew of Xuanmicha (Genmaicha) at Seven Cups office.