Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Rabbit

Newsletter Archive Jan. 20, 2023

A colorful dancing lion being led through the teahouse to bless it.

Happy Lunar New Year!

This weekend is the Spring Festival, the marker of a new lunar year, auspicious and pure. We hope your Rabbit year hops off to a happy start with good luck, good company, and good tea.

We’re celebrating the event with our once-per-year sale of 20% off ALL tea and teaware that’s not already on sale. Use the coupon code RABBIT when checking out online or in-store to get your discount. This discount only lasts through the weekend (ending midnight Sunday, January 22nd), so be careful not to wait too long.

Interior of new teahouse facing register and kitchen
Walking through the door of the new teahouse.

We’re also excited to be hosting some events at our teahouse this weekend. We’re serving nian gao (baked sticky rice cake) all weekend long. You can also join us Sunday Morning at 11:30 AM for live guzheng music by instrumentalist Paul Amiel. This concert, like the nian gao, is free and available to anyone stopping by.

Also, if you have a ticket to the massive pu’er tea tasting on Saturday morning, we’re looking forward to seeing you then, too. This tasting event is sold out, but if you are interested in more events like this in the future, send us an email to let us know and we’ll email you with an alert for next time.

If we were skilled fortune tellers, we’d offer a forecast of what this new year will bring. We are not. So instead, we can only say that we’re looking forward to sharing the year ahead with you all, come whatever challenges or triumphs, windfalls or busts. And we’ll wish you happiness and prosperity throughout. May all your wishes come true.