Amber Handle Textured Glass Pitcher

325 mL

Equally at home as part of a gongfu session or filled with leaves, this versatile pitcher converts smoothly between between a brewing pitcher and a conventional one.


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A versatile piece of glassware with a textured glass bowl, this pitcher with a striking clear, amber handle pulls double duty as either a brewing vessel or a regular pitcher.

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 325mL

History of Chinese Glass

Humans all over the world having been using glass for centuries for various purposes, and China is no exception. Glass art has been found in tombs dating back to the Zhou Dynasty. The old pronunciation for glass was “Liu Li,” but after the Song Dynasty it was renamed to “Bo Li”. Liu Li was not clear, just very shiny since the temperature was not hot enough to achieve transparency. It was mostly used to make tiles for roofs, especially in palaces. If you visit Peking Palace, the ceiling is made with opaque, colorful glass tiles called “Liu Li Wa”.

These days, mainly clear glass is used for making teapots. Different types of glass will always look similar, but they are separated by their quality, clearness, thickness, heaviness, and the temperatures they can withstand without cracking. At Seven Cups, we only collect good quality glass that can withstand boiling water so you can brew your tea.