Bamboo Carved Stone Scoop Zi Ni Yixing Teapot

190 mL

A wide-mouth Yixing teapot with a broad base, ideal for brewing large-leaf teas. Simply decorated with a few carved bamboo details in fine dark purple zi ni clay.


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A Yixing teapot made in a variation on the traditional shipiao hu “stone ladle” shape. This form typically has a wide base that is larger than the top of the pot. However, this pot’s straight sides are more steeply angled than usual, creating a wide mouth at the top that makes it very easy to accommodate large-leaf teas.

The pot is sparsely adorned with a few strokes of carved bamboo and subtle bamboo joints on the handles and spout. The dark unglazed clay has a smooth matte finish.

This teapot is made from one of the darkest shades of purple zi ni clay. While the raw material is purple, during firing the clay turns to a cool-toned shade of dark brown that is very distinct from the warmer red and yellow shades of Yixing clay.

  • Origin: Yixing County, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Clay: Zi ni (紫泥) – Unglazed purple Yixing clay
  • Capacity: 190mL

About Yixing Clay

Yixing clay from Yixing County is prized for its high levels of iron, which holds heat and is said to improve flavor.

Unglazed Yixing clay absorbs aromas and flavors easily, and the tea you make in it seasons it over time. To keep within a similar flavor profile, most people dedicate a specific teapot for brewing just one type of tea, like rock wulong or sheng puer.

To clean, just rinse your pot off with boiling water. Avoid washing with soap.

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