Fish and Lotus Carved Yunnan Black Jianshui Teapot

230 mL

A subtle work of art made from polished Yunnan Jianshui clay like black velvet, sculpted into the classic stone scoop teapot form. A carved design of blooming lotus flowers and a single large, curious koi fish blowing bubbles wrap around the pot, with little bubbles trailing across the lid. The carving is highlighted by a faint blush of purple-red clay within and around the crisp lines.


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The smooth surfaces of this teapot’s dense clay have been well-polished to a velvety-soft matte finish.

A slightly lighter color of natural purple-red clay has been seamlessly blended into the surface of the teapot beneath the carvings to accentuate their designs against the pure black background.

As individual handcrafted artworks, each teapot is unique. Only one of this particular design is available.

About Yunnan Jianshui Clay

Jianshui pottery from Yunnan is one of the four famous types of natural clay pottery recognized in China for its distinct appearance, unique origin, and rich cultural history. Jianshui clay is mixed from a blend of five different locally sourced clay colors and often decorated with contrasting colors of natural clay either inlaid or painted on. The high density and thick walls of Jianshui clay teapots let them hold higher temperatures for longer, making them ideal for brewing compressed puer teas. Learn more about Yunnan Jianshui Clay here.

  • Origin: Jianshui County, Yunnan Province, China
  • Material: Unglazed Yunnan Black Jianshui clay
  • Capacity: 230mL

About Unglazed Clay

Unglazed clay absorbs aromas and flavors easily, and the tea you make in it seasons it over time. To keep within a similar flavor profile, most people dedicate a specific teapot for brewing just one type of tea, like Dan Cong wulong or sheng puer. To clean, just rinse your pot off with boiling water. Avoid washing with soap.

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