Hei Tiao Zi (Black Stripe)

Sheng Puer Cake 200g 2020

Hei Tiao Zi (Black Stripe) sheng puer is made from very high-altitude forest grown tea trees in Baiyingshan that have a few purple leaves when young. Smooth flavor and high floral-fruity aroma. A highly approachable sheng puer tea with an unusual colorful flourish.

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Tea Origin
Baiyingshan, Lincang area, Yunnan Province

Tea Bush
Yunnan Daye Quntizhong (Yunnan Large Leaf Heirloom Tea Tree)

Tea Maker
Chen Keke and Li Dong

Harvest Time

Plucking Standard
One bud, two leaves

This sheng puer is made from the purple leaves of forest tea trees in Baiyingshan. This high-mountain tea has a smooth flavor and heady floral-fruity aroma. Its smoothness comes from being grown in a cooler climate so far north, as the tea plants produce more amino acids. A highly approachable sheng puer cake from older trees with distinctive purple-hued leaves.

The highest-altitude puer tea in Yunnan

Several sprigs of fresh tea of varying sizes and colors, spread out on a flat surface to compare.
Comparing different varieties of tea plant in Baiyingshan. Slightly purple Hei Tiao Zi (Black Stripe) leaves on the bottom right, regular Yunnan Dayezhong (Yunnan Large Leaf) on the left, and the small and yellowish Da Shan Tian (Sweet Mountain) leaves on the upper right.

Teas produced in high elevation areas like Baiyingshan (the Baiying Mountains) often have a greater sweetness and complexity in flavor and aroma than lower-elevation teas. This is because the tea plants are strongly affected by the daily shifts from higher to lower temperatures between day and night. Research has shown that plants grown at high altitudes will produce additional catechins and amino acids which help them survive under the harsh conditions. This translates into rich and fascinating flavors in the processed tea. Black Stripe is an excellent example of how high-mountain growing conditions impact the final flavor of sheng puer.

The average elevation of tea gardens in Baiyingshan is around 2800 meters; this is the highest known elevation in Yunnan for groups of tea trees to prosper in. The oldest trees in this area are hundreds of years old.

Many tea plants in Baiyingshan have purple leaves in the spring that become greener as they mature. These plants are known by the name Hei Tiao Zi. The tea leaves for this cake were plucked from these plants in the early spring, while they still had a hint of purple. Because of this purple coloring, the dried leaves are noticeably darker than those from other trees – earning this tea the name “Black Stripe.”

A traditionally processed sheng puer cake

Mao cha for Hei Tiao Zi (Black Stripe) sheng puer tea drying on a flat surface. Part of this drying area is covered to protect from rain. 2016.
Hei Tiao Zi (Black Stripe) sheng puer mao cha drying in the sun

This tea has gone through the stages of traditional processing for sheng puer: the tea leaves are  plucked, fried in a hot wok, and then kneaded and rolled into a long twisted “stripe” shape. The leaves are laid out across bamboo trays in thin layers and left to dry under direct sunlight. In the heat of the sunshine, the leaves wither and dry into mao cha (made but not fully finished tea) over a few days. Then the leaves are sorted and compressed into puer cakes.

No chemical fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide was used in the production of this tea. Click here to read more about our promise to fair trade and the environment.

Total cake weight may vary due to the gradual moisture loss with aging.

Full Stack Discount

This puer cake traditionally comes in a stacked tong of 5 cakes tightly wrapped in bamboo for transport and storage. If you’re looking to buy in bulk, tongs of Hei Tiao Zi (Black Stripe) are available to you at a 5% discount in their original bamboo packaging. To get this full tong discount, add the five (5) Hei Tiao Zi cakes to your cart, then click the 5% discount coupon that appears on the bottom of the cart page (or the top of the checkout page).

The bamboo wrapping of the tong protects the tea cakes from breakage and insulates them from external odors and excess moisture while remaining breathable. To open a tong, untuck the ends of each individual bamboo tie from the loop below it, then untwist the two ends from each other. The single knot in the tie can then be undone. Then it will easily loosen and come unwound from the tong. Your individually paper-wrapped puer cakes will be inside.

Hei Tiao Zi (Black Stripe) 2020 brewing guidelines

Break off a small piece from cake (learn how)

5 grams tea

12 oz 100°C (212ºF) water

3 min. first infusion

At least 5 infusions: 3, 3, 5, 8, 10 minutes