Xishi Shape Guangxi Nixing Teapot

220 mL

A charming round teapot in the traditional Xishi shape, made from stunning unadorned Guangxi Nixing clay in an entrancing color gradient of bronze and black. Smooth shape, smooth shine, smooth pour.


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The fine-grain, unglazed Nixing clay of this teapot has a natural polished shine that is exquisitely silken to the touch.

During firing in the kiln, this teapot developed a bronzed finish that accentuates the dark, purple-brown body with bronze-red at the edges and handles of the pot. The natural gradient between colors is slightly irregular, like a diffuse cloud, with faint wispy marks around the spout from the fine workings of the sculptor’s tools. As such, each piece is unique, and only one of this particular pot is available.

What is Guangxi Nixing Clay?

Nixing pottery from Guangxi is one of the four famous types of natural clay pottery recognized in China for its distinct appearance, unique origin, and rich cultural history. Its purple-red clay develops a unique gradient of color while firing in the kiln, making each piece unique. Learn more about Guangxi Nixing pottery here.

  • Origin: Guangxi Autonomous Region, China
  • Clay: Unglazed Nixing clay
  • Capacity: 220mL