2010 Green Tea Tour | Hangzhou

I’m behind on posting for the Green Tea Tour. Please forgive me while I catch up. The tour stayed in Hangzhou for a couple of days and sent these photos back. The tea was just beginning to be harvested. The harvest was delayed because of temperatures where way below what is normal for this time of year. Weng Shang Yi turned 80 this year, and we continued to be honored to carry his tea. He is now the oldest tea maker on Shi Feng mountain.

Hangzhou is the modern center of Chinese Tea Culture. Long Jing, the most famous of the Chinese green teas grows in the mountains around Hangzhou. The West Lake Park area is one of the largest municipal parks in the world. Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China and is a favorite destination for Chinese tourists.  It is one of my favorite places too.