Your (tea) flight is boarding. Introducing a new subscription service from Seven Cups.

Newsletter Archive: Sep. 1 2021

Two glass pitchers of green and black tea and two porcelain dishes of their dry leaves, outside on a wooden plank in the sunlight.
Taste new great teas and compare them side by side every month with The Tasting Flight tea subscription.

If you’re like us, you like trying new teas based on what’s especially good this season. We just created a new subscription service to give you that kind of recommendation on the regular. Meet The Tasting Flight: a monthly tea subscription.

We designed this service to give you a variety of high-quality teas that show up to your door every month, easy and simple.

You’ll receive a “flight” of two to three different teas with each delivery.  We’ll select the teas from staples in our catalog, seasonal micro-lots, and even a few subscriber exclusives. You’ll get just enough tea to keep your tea cabinet stocked and ever-changing but not overflowing. You’re assured excellent tea and always a value.

If you want to treat someone special to a few months of good tea, this subscription can also be given as a gift so that you can easily share tea together at a distance.

If you subscribe this month (September 2021), we’ll include a little gift from us — an exclusive off-menu tea.

Two gaiwans full of tea leaves on a wooden serving tray in bright sunlight, being filled with a stream of water.