Promises and Guarantees

Promises & Guarantees

Seven Cups offers more than 100 varieties of fine Chinese tea, sourced directly from Chinese tea masters.  We spend months every year in China hand selecting our teas so we are in control of our tea every step of the way from the producer to you. These teas are available for distribution across America and throughout the world. Today our customers hail from every corner of the globe — even China. To ensure that 100% of the quality makes it from Chinese tea gardens into your cup, we seal our teas in tough, resealable foil-fresh pouches that block light and moisture, and protect the tea during shipping.

Our personal relationships with our producers and consumers set us apart from other tea companies. We insist on the very best Chinese tea, and have absolute confidence in the quality of our products.

Our Promises

We are so confident in the quality of our teas, and in the quality of the people who grow, harvest, process, ship, pack and distribute our products, that we are proud to offer the following promises:

1. To Our Friends and Customers

We promise to find the very best green, white, black, wulong, scented and puer teas from China and offer them to you at the lowest prices possible for the level of quality we provide.

If you are in any way unsatisfied with our tea for any reason, we promise to refund the full purchase price of our tea within 30 days of purchase accompanied with a receipt. Unused teaware may also be returned for a refund within 30 days. All sales are final for discounted items and gift certificates. See our full return policy for more information.

We are proud to be able to use the BBB logo on our site, and we are as vigilant in our customer service for our on-line customers as we are for our tea house customers. We take our relationship with you very seriously, and you will never be treated by us as if you are a digital abstraction.

2. To Fair Trade and the Environment

We are equally committed to protecting the environment, and the welfare of every person involved in the production of our teas:

Tea growers and pickers
Seven Cups is a company with a conscience; a company that is dedicated to the welfare and rights of every person involved in the production of our teas.  All of our products are produced on farms where all workers enjoy good working conditions, fair wages and an equitable workplace. When we visit a producer we even check to see what they are serving the workers for lunch.

We’re committed to sourcing teas only from farms that continually meet all of our stringent fair trade criteria. We pay our producers well for their best teas in an ongoing effort to sustain traditional, highly-skilled production techniques. Even though many of the producers we work with are too small to afford the expenses of certifications every year,  we believe long-standing relationships and transparent access to their labor and garden practices surpass the quality assurance a certification alone might provide.  Our sourcing practice is to routinely observe working conditions on-site and vet the quality and cleanliness of our tea’s agriculture at the production level, ensuring all of our teas are responsibly produced using the sustainable practices that have been proven over the last 2,000 years to be effective.

Protecting the Chinese environment
Tea is an important part of good health, but it takes a healthy environment to produce healthy tea.  We promise that natural habitats on our farms will not be unnecessarily interfered with, and the environment will remain clean and unspoiled. All of our farms surpass the required environmental standards. Most of our tea is produced organically; it is pollution-free, utterly natural, and no man-made chemo-synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical food additives are used.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Promises and Guarantees.