Blue Dragon Filter Cup

350 mL

A convenient, easy-brewing porcelain filter cup in classic bright blue, patterned with a golden dragon flying through the clouds. Comes with a cup, saucer, lid, and removable strainer. Great for daily single service at home or at the office.


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The ornate design of a flying golden dragon used to be reserved for the Chinese emperor and his family.

Filter cups like this are great for convenient daily use at home or at the office. This four-piece set comes with a cup, saucer, lid, and a removable strainer that allows you to filter your tea leaves and control the length of time they steep in the water. The cup is elegantly shaped with curving sides and an easy-to-hold handle.

  • Material: Glazed porcelain
  • Capacity: 350mL

Also comes in cheerful yellow as the Yellow Dragon Filter Cup. This blue pattern also comes in a teapot version in the Golden Dragon Blue Porcelain Teapot.