Ru Kiln Lotus Gaiwan

180 mL

A stunning ceramic gaiwan from Ru Kiln, glazed in warm white and sculpted into the subtle form of a lotus flower.


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The thick, smooth silken glaze resembles the texture of polished jade and feels soft when held. Like the matching Ru Kiln Lotus Teacup, a warm light brown lines the edges of the pieces in contrast to the white glaze, a dark cream color known as “soybean yellow.” The attention to detail used to make this gaiwan is apparent in how the three pieces fit together and the subtle accent lines on the sides of the gaiwan that form the sides of the flower.

This heavy gaiwan’s thick walls are ideal for keeping the temperature of your tea consistent over multiple steeps. The petal-like flared edge of the gaiwan makes it comfortable to hold as you pour your tea out. Try steeping our Bi Tan Piao Xue (Snow Drop Jasmine) or Bai Mudan (White Peony) in this gaiwan and smelling how the aromas change from steep to steep.

Forms a matching set with our Ru Kiln Lotus Teacup, sold separately.

The Lost Ru Kiln of the Song Dynasty

This gaiwan is made in a style resembling the wares made by the long-lost Ru Kiln (Ru Yao) during the Song Dynasty (960–162). Ru Kiln was known for the crazing (fine crackling) of the glazes used to make fine ceramics. Ru Yao style ceramics tend to have very thickly-layered glaze with a slightly smooth silken finish that feels soft in texture like polished jade. It often comes in pale shades of green, blue, and grey, including Tianqing, a subtle blue-grey-green made to resemble the color of the sky after a storm, a favorite of the Song emperor Song Huizhong; “moonlight white,” a cool, very pale grey inspired by the soft color of moonlight; Fen Qing “powder green”; and Dou Qing “bean green,” a palest yellow-green like the skin of fresh beans.

  • Style: Ru Kiln (Ru Yao; 汝窑)
  • Material: Glazed ceramic
  • Capacity: 180mL

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