Ru Kiln Lotus Teacup

100 mL

This elegant Ru Kiln ceramic teacup is shaped a lotus flower, glazed in a silken warm white and lined with fine crackles within the glaze.


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The smooth sides of the teacup have a repeating pattern that forms the six delicate petals of a lotus flower. The unique form of this teacup is very comfortable to hold, and your index finger can rest next to the small raised foot of the cup. The thicker walls of the teacup help keep your tea warm as you enjoy it.

As you hold the teacup, you can feel three subtle ridges within each petal as you pass your fingers over the side of the teacup. The lip of the teacup and the edges of the petals are accented with a warm brown color that contrasts with the white glaze, a dark cream color known as “soybean yellow.” Every cup is different due to changes in the glaze.

This teacup forms a matching set with the Ru Kiln Lotus Gaiwan, sold separately.

This teacup is reminiscent of wares made by the Ru Kiln during the Song Dynasty (960–162). The Ru Kiln was known for the crazing (fine crackles) of the glossy glazes used to make fine ceramics.

  • Style: Ru Kiln (Ru Yao; 汝窑)
  • Material: Glazed ceramic
  • Capacity: 100mL

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