Ge Kiln Green Easy Gaiwan Travel Tea Set

180 ml / 60 mL

A travel set for making beautiful tea anywhere you go. A spouted gaiwan with three matching cups, all in matching wormwood green with a crackled Ge Kiln style glaze.


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A convenient travel set that stacks inside of itself for easy transport. Includes a spouted easy gaiwan, three matching cups, and a compact carrying case.

Porcelain made to achieve this type of crackled glaze first appeared in the Song Dynasty, coming from the Ge Kiln in Zhejiang Province. The historic Ge Kiln is lost to time, but its style continues on.

The Ge Kiln style is characterized by its crackled visual texture, known as kai pian (卡片), lit. “open piece.” Although cracks stylize the look of the set, the surface of the glaze is smooth to the touch and uniform throughout the inside and outside of the pieces. Traditional Ge Kiln ceramics were made in a number of colors. This particular set’s color is known as “wormwood green.”

  • Style: Ge Kiln (哥窯), Zhejiang Province
  • Material: Glazed ceramic
  • Capacity: Gaiwan 180mL, Cups 60mL