Ge Kiln Tall Green Drip Glaze Ceramic Teacup

200 mL

This large ceramic teacup has a deep blue-green crackled glaze that coats the interior and drips halfway down the sides of an unglazed ribbed brown clay exterior. A unique, dynamic piece that makes for the perfect personal teacup and comes with a brown cloth drawstring case.


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A portion of the outside of each cup is intentionally left unglazed to showcase the natural dark clay, its ribbed texture contrasting with the slick smoothness of the irregular drip glaze. The deep green-blue glaze has occasional splashes of deepest crimson as accents.

The cup has tall, straight sides that taper to a small foot at the base and help concentrate the aroma of the tea while drinking it. It is very comfortable to hold as your hand wraps around the textured sides of the cup. The thickness of the glaze adds a nice weight to the cup.

This cup also comes in a matte white style in our Ru Kiln Tall White Drip Glaze Ceramic Teacup.

Each cup is unique, and each cup’s glaze has lightly colored hairline cracks throughout. This crazing or fine crackling is reminiscent of wares made by the Ge Kiln during the Song Dynasty (960–162). The Ge Kiln of the Song Dynasty was one of the five great kilns (五大名窯), along with the Ru Kiln (汝窯), Guan Kiln (官窯), Ding Kiln (定窯), and Jun Kiln (均窑). 

Kiln: Ge Kiln (Ge Yao; 哥窯)
Material: Clay
Capacity: 200 mL
Dimensions: 7.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 cm
Weight: 240g

*As each cup has a unique drip glaze pattern, there may be variations between the product images and the product you receive.