Ru Kiln Watermelon Cat Teacup

110 mL

A Ru Yao style teacup with a thick matte-soft glaze in cool white, with the image of a tabby cat loafing about in the greenery with a couple slices of watermelon and a curious mosquito buzzing in. The Chinese characters to the right of the cat (佳品) translate to “An excellent delicacy.”


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The matte finish of its thick glaze gives it a warm, soft feel when held. Inspired by the gentle character of moonlight, the cool white color of the opaque glaze beautifully showcases the color of any tea poured into it. Where the glaze thins at the edge and at the foot of the cup, the color of the underlying dark clay provides extra definition and elegance. This high-quality ceramic teacup is a good size for either sharing a pot of tea or for single service

This teacup also comes in other cat styles, including the Cat and Persimmon, Tea Cat, and Cat and Fan, as well as the Ru Kiln Black Dragon Teacup and Ru Kiln Golden Toad Teacup.

The teaware from the famous lost Ru Kiln of the Song Dynasty inspired the design of this ceramic cup. Ru Yao teaware pieces are now incredibly rare and sought out by collectors and can be found in museums across the world. In recent years, this style of teaware has seen a revival, and it has become popular in China to make teaware that resembles the antique style.

  • Kiln: Ru Kiln (Ru Yao; 汝窯)
  • Material: Glazed ceramic
  • Capacity: 110mL

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