Hand-Painted Lotus Celadon Teacup

150 mL

Tall porcelain teacups of Longquan Kiln-style celadon are hand painted with the image of a lotus flower.


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This tall porcelain teacup is Longquan Kiln-style celadon from Zhejiang.

Each cup is hand-painted with the image of a lotus flower and its leaves floating on the surface of a pond, the flower’s petals painted in fine lines of contrasting pink.

A tall cup is best used half full (or half empty). Fingers can comfortably clasp the upper empty part of the cup, enjoying not only the cool temperature but also the smooth, jade-like texture of the glaze.

  • Style: Longquan Celadon (龍泉青)
  • Material: Glazed porcelain
  • Capacity: 150mL