Langhong Kiln Cherry Red Porcelain Gaiwan

175 mL

A gaiwan with a striking red Langhong glaze and white rims. The perfect gift for any tea enthusiast.


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This gaiwan’s Langhong (郎红) glaze creates a graduated ombré effect on each piece of the gaiwan. The rare color of its vibrant red glaze transitions from a transparent glaze around the white edges of each piece to a light ruby to a deep scarlet red where the glaze settles thickly as the pieces are fired. This type of glaze was originally developed during the Qing Dynasty.

The knob on the lid of the gaiwan is narrow, which allows you to comfortably fit your pointer finger in it as you pour from the gaiwan, as your thumb and middle finger rest on either side of the flared edges of the base of the gaiwan. The walls of the gaiwan are relatively thin, which makes it versatile to use for any type of tea. We recommend steeping our Zijuan Hong (Purple Leaf Yunnan Black), Yue Guang Bai (White Moonlight), and Chuantong Tieguanyin (Traditional Tieguanyin) in it.

Origin: Jingdezhen City (景德镇市), Jiangxi Province, China
Material: Porcelain
Capacity: 175 mL
Gaiwan Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 9.5 cm
Weight: 300g

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