Long Quan Celadon Small Koi Fish Ceramic Pot

215 mL

A small classic celadon glazed tea pot from Long Quan Kiln with a small koi fish on the lid and a built in strainer behind the spout.


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This classic porcelain teapot from Long Quan Kiln is glazed in a simple and beautiful plum green celadon. The lid is simply adorned with a small koi fish, recalling the Chinese legend of the koi fish who leaped a waterfall and transformed into a powerful dragon. A built-in strainer behind the teapot’s spout filters tea leaves while giving them lots of room to open up inside the whole pot for best flavor. Capacity 215 mL.

This pot is part of the matching set which includes the Large Koi Fish Celadon Cup and Small Koi Fish Celadon Cup, sold separately.