Longquan Small Koi Fish Celadon Teapot

215 mL

A small celadon teapot from Longquan Kiln with a red-spotted koi fish on the lid.


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A small celadon teapot from Longquan Kiln. This pot is simply designed to highlight the thick plum green celadon glaze that feels smooth to the touch, like jade. Celadon, invented in the early Song Dynasty (960-1279), is usually unadorned except for simple relief carvings like the small koi fish on the lid. The koi fish is a popular symbol that alludes to the legend of the little koi fish who leaped a waterfall and turned into a dragon, a powerful symbol of success and strength. Like most Chinese teapots, this pot has a built-in strainer set behind the spout to filter tea leaves. Capacity 215mL.

Matches the Longquan Koi Fish Celadon Gaiwan, Large Koi Fish Celadon Teacup, and Small Koi Fish Celadon Teacup, sold separately.

  • Style: Longquan Kiln (龍泉青)
  • Material: Glazed porcelain
  • Capacity: 215mL