Glass Half Moon Pitcher with Green Handle

450 mL

A glass pitcher fitted with a built-in half-moon shaped glass filter. Versatile for use as both a “fairness cup” in gong-fu style brewing or as a minimalist brewing vessel that you can directly brew in and pour from.


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A versatile piece of glassware, this pitcher with a striking green handle pulls double duty as either a brewing vessel or a regular pitcher. The glass half-moon filter set near the rim strains tea leaves as you pour.

Using glass teaware allows you to enjoy the visual beauty of your tea as the leaves infuse. The clarity of the glass also makes it very easy to see the intensity of the color of the brew, which helps you control the infusion time to achieve the desired flavor. Glassware cools down boiling water more quickly than porcelain and yixing ware, making it a great choice for beautiful high end green, yellow, white, and scented teas. We suggest you reuse your leaves multiple times, leaving just enough tea in your pot to cover the leaves before making your next infusion.

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 450mL