Jade Rabbit Pear Green Duan Ni Yixing Teapot

250 mL

This striking, light-colored Yixing teapot has a lid handle cleverly sculpted into the delicate shape of a rabbit. Its wide mouth easily accommodates fluffy large-leaf teas and the wide foot gives them plenty of room to brew.


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The rabbit-carved lid handle of this teapot is truly a unique feature. Rabbits are traditionally associated in Chinese art with peace, hope and the moon.

The pot’s shallow but wide shape is simply decorated with a few strokes of carved calligraphy on one side, which have been sparingly filled with muted red in contrast to the light background.

This teapot’s pale duan ni clay is profusely speckled with fine grains of darker clay. In combination with the cool, greenish tint that yellow duan ni clay acquires when fired at very high temperatures, this visual effect has earned this type of clay the name “pear green,” as it resembles the speckled skin of a green pear.

  • Origin: Yixing County, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Clay: Duan ni (段泥) – Unglazed yellow Yixing clay
  • Capacity: 250mL