Jingdezhen Blue Flower Square Porcelain Tea Saucer

A classically styled coaster for your tea service featuring the antique porcelain aesthetic of cobalt blue and white, with a thin gold-painted rim.


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Blue-and-white porcelain is perhaps the best-known style of Chinese porcelain worldwide. The style was developed in the Yuan Dynasty, and the most representative works from the Ming Dynasty golden age of Chinese porcelain were made in this instantly recognizable style as well.

This exquisite square-shaped blue and white porcelain coaster was produced in Jingdezhen, China’s famous porcelain capital. The pattern is a depiction of peony flowers and leaves, a classic symbol for prosperity.

The unique porcelain clay, kaolin, is first made into a white porcelain plate. Then the blue and white patterns are drawn with natural mineral pigments containing about 5% cobalt oxide before the piece is glazed and fired.

  • Origin: Jingdezhen City (景德镇市), Jiangxi Province, China
  • Material: Glazed porcelain, rubber foot pads
  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 0.8cm